ICH: Plan of Attack... how does this sound?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Elvishswimmer, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. ElvishswimmerValued MemberMember

    I have my 3 goldies in my 36G right now, and I'm dealing with Ich.

    Its just minor at the moment, no flashing or anything just one spot on one fish and one spot on the other.

    They got it because my water was poor a little while ago. Water is 100% right now (0 NH4, 0 NO2, 10 NO3)
    Because they are goldies I've been a little hesitant with the water temps. I haven't gone above 76F at the moment.

    I did just recieve the ICH ATTACK I ordered in the mail, and have started treatment. I'm really bummed though that the tiny bottle cost so much!
    I calculated and there is only enough in the bottle to treat my tank for 6 days, so I'm trying a different mode of attack.

    I have a 10G Quarantine tank.
    What if I moved my 3 fishies into the 10G quarantine and treated them in there? That way I don't have to use as much ICH ATTACK per treatment. It won't have any decos or gravel for the ich tomites to hide in either, making for easier cleaning.

    While they are in the quarantine tank, I would nuke my main tank, just crank up the heater and kill those little bugs. Hopefully by the time I'm done treating my 3 guys in the quarantine the Ich would be gone from the main tank.

    I would move my 200GPH TopFin filter to the little tank, so it would have 20X filtration. I realize Goldies need a lot of tank space, but would having 20X filtration for only a week or two while they kick this disease be ok? Or will it stress them more?

    And if they were gone for a week, would my other 300GPH filter lose all its bacteria. How could I prevent a minicycle when I move them back?

    I'm really just doing this because I don't have much ICH ATTACK and I want to make sure I have some in case it takes over a week.

    Let me know what you think/suggestions please!

    EDIT to add:
    Should I purchase more Ich Attack as well? It took about a week to arrive and so if I need more I would have to do it now. :;dk
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  2. ElvishswimmerValued MemberMember

    My boyfriend decided that he couldn't stand the thought of the guys in the small tank, so we are going to just buy more Ich Attack and hope that does the trick, and keep treating in the larger tank.
  3. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    Wow, elvishswimmer, I have treated ich many times in tropicals, but I have very little experience with goldies in general and I can't feel comfortable advising there. I'm really interested to hear how the Ich Attack works, and I'll be following your thread to see the results so please keep us posted. :)

    Sorry I can't be of any real help to you, but I am crossing my fingers for your goldies!
  4. catfishlover123Well Known MemberMember

    I read the article Ich: an old cure for an old disease and it said that the life cycle of ich takes 3 days at 80 degrees to complete.
  5. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    I know that with goldies, Gremlin actually recommends medicating for ich, since they don't tolerate the high temps well. For tropicals, meds aren't necessary for ich, since it can be treated with gravel vacs and elevated temps.
  6. ElvishswimmerValued MemberMember

    Well, as I started treating with Ich Attack, I realized it wasn't Ich at all... or at least I think it wasn't.
    Vesper my Black Moor is the one that had the white spot, and while I thought it looked like salt, soon after starting treatment it started turning fuzzy. And she also had a white fuzzy spot on her front fin.

    After 5 days of treating with Ich Attack, the fuzzy spots are all gone. So maybe I just had a fungus infection! Ich Attack says it treats fungus too. It's strange, cause so does Melafix, but melafix hasn't been making a difference for the last while.

    Anyways, my little Ranchu Meeko's tail has been slowly eaten away since that one bad bout. And despite having really good water conditions, it had been getting worse and worse. Its at the point that I'm not sure if it will grow back or not.

    After reading about finrot, I found that if it is red and tattered its usually a bacterial infection, and if it is white and rots evenly then it is a fungal infection.
    Well, it is white and rots evenly, and so having a fungus outbreak in my tank is not a surprise!

    I haven't noticed much of a change with all the treatments, and so I applied some iodine to his tail, at the recommendation of some experts. I hope that will kill off all the fungus. I'm keeping a close eye on him.

    I did an overhaul of the tank. Bleach cleaned all the decos, and removed most of the gravel and did a heavy gravel vac of what's left. I haven't returned the decos yet as I want to make sure they have no bleachy-ness left. I've been checking the water params and no sign of a minicycle from the heavy cleaning either. Score!

    I hope I conquered this for good and that my poor Meeko and start having a tail again. :(

    I have noticed after treating with the Ich Attack all my fish are more lively and eating food with much more vigour than before though! Must be a good sign!

    On a side note. My Pearlscale LOVES his large plastic plant. He spends the day swimming around it, pecking at it. He even sleeps in it! I've watched him, he finds a tightly-leafed area, and just wedges himself in there and sleeps. Sometimes even upside down. It was scary the first few times he started doing it, but now it is regular. He can get out easily when he wakes up too, when he see's mommy rushing over to see if he is ok!
    Anyways, now with the plant out for cleaning he seems mighty sad. He keeps swimming in circles around where it used to be. I might be the first to witness a fish crying! HAHAHA.
    Anyways, I'll be sure to put his plant back soon for aid of his mental wellbeing.
    He's liked the plant since the beginning. First thing he did after I acclimatized him after he arrived in the mail was zip over to the plant and start swimming through it.
    Crazy fish.

    Wish me luck that Meeko's tail grows back well!
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