Ich Outbreak

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Kate Zimmerman

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Hey Fishlore -

Unfortunatly I have my first case of ich.
I used a vacation feeder tabs (like this ) and when I came home a few days later, I noticed my betta had ich. It was hard to tell at first. I quickly removed him from the community tank and put him into quarantine. After that, I did a syphon of the tank which removed 50% water.

Three days later, I now see one of the other fish has it from my community tank.
Since ive already treated the tank should I take him out? He is a large glofish and I don't want to stress him out more if I don't have too. Plus, I'm low on quarantine tanks.

Here is my tank info:

10 gal
4 glowfish (one is infected and showing ich)
2 tetras
3 male guppies
(My betta was in the community tank, and I put him into his own little tank to make him happier. But while I was gone my mom put him back in the big tank. She saw him acting funny and thought he wasn't happy in his smaller tank, she really thought she was helping <3 )

Water Test (done right before the clean, water change, and treatment)
Its a liquid test kit:
Nitrate: 20
Nitrite: 0
Ph: ~7.5
Ammonia: 2.0 (high - I had one fish die on me while I was gone. I think because the feeding tabs didnt work great, the glowfish got hungry and ate a poor male guppy. I think the cause of the ich was the high ammonia levels mixed with the live food that is in the tabs.They arnt fed any other live food, just flakes.)
Temp: 78

Currently being treated with Safe Copper Aid
I also use Aqua Safe Plus conditioner regularly to treat my tap water.

Any suggestions on what to do with the infected glofish?
I do have aqua salts, I haven't used them yet since I've been using the liquid Safe Copper Aid, but if you all think it will help relive stress ill add it in.

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Protim Sarkar

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Try raising the temperature. Also add 2-3 airstones .
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Kate Zimmerman

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Okay - I will try to increase the temp slowly (though Ive heard not to combine heat and meds). I do not have air stones - but I do have a bubbler...will that help? I don't want to add stress but if extra oxygen will help ill turn it on.

Any thoughts to the salt?
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Salt isn't necessary with the heat method.
If you already used meds, I would leech them out with carbon before beginning the heat method.
A bubbler may work, but raising your filter works too. I jammed a wide handled whisk under mine to raise it about an inch. Lowering the water level also works, but I prefer to raise the hob instead.
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