Ich Or Velvet? Important

  1. beau Well Known Member Member

    My poor little Chocolate Gouramis have been nailed with either Ich or Velvet. One has already died, one is looking really bad, and the other two I think are infected but it isn't as obvious. I have dealt with Ich in the past but I feel like this is finer than that... If it is velvet how is it treated? If it's Ich what is the best medicine to treat it? I'll have to double check but the tank temp is already kept at about 84F, and these fish won't have any tolerance to salt.

  2. Ed204 Well Known Member Member

    That looks like ich.

    Both ich and velvet can be cured by increasing the temp and adding salt but in your case, I would put the tempreture back to normal.

    You could do daily Methylene blue baths for infected fish for an hour, or you can treat the entire tank with Seachem Paraguard or any meds containing malachite green.

  3. beau Well Known Member Member

    The temp in the tank was actually only 82, so I've upped it to 86. Hopefully I can treat it without meds but I guess we'll see... I took a closer look before you replied and agree that it does look like Ich, not velvet. It is definitely effecting the other two Gourami's as well. I wonder if the warm temps compared to the store were what caused them to be covered so quickly? They definitely had no spots when I got them on Wednesday.
  4. Ed204 Well Known Member Member

    Did you Quarintine them when you got them?

  5. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    What's the Ph your keeping these guys in? I'd go the med-way (asap)
  6. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks like ich to me too. 86-88 degrees is the temp you aim for. It will take 2-3 days and it may look worse at first then you will start to notice the spots will get less and less. The one thing you need to be sure you are doing is vacuuming the tank thoroughly and regularly. Like every day or every other day. The little white cysts will fall off into the substrate, and can reinfect your fish once you stop treatment. So you really need to vacuum really well. Be sure to keep the temp up for a full 2 weeks. They can look like they are cured and it will pop back up. So 14 days is recommended. You should be sure to have an airstone going with higher temps. To help with oxygenation.

    Now if after 4-5 days you notice them getting sicker. I would decrease the temps and start on an ich med. High temps do work very well though. Just keep an eye on your fish and treat based on how they look.
  7. beau Well Known Member Member

    The pH is 6.4 now. Which meds do you recommend? I have Paraguard but haven't had success with it in the past.

    The temp should be up so I'll see how things progress. As they're so sensitive anyways I'm not sure they'll have much of a chance, but I'll keep my fingers crossed! I have successfully treated Ich with heat on the past.

  8. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Esha Exit. Paraguard should do the job as well I'd say.