Ich or something else?

  1. arriflex Initiate Member

    This Serpae started rubbing on driftwood today, I don't see any signs of anything on any other fish, however I want to stay ahead of this thing. Does this look like ich? Just the single white spot on the side and the spot on the forehead.


  2. Guppy lover12346 Initiate Member

    Looks like it, try looking from top, if its pointing out, then it's ich, do a 50 % water change ASAP
  3. arriflex Initiate Member

    Did 50% yesterday almost immediately after making that post. Ramping the temps up over the last 24 hours, up to 82 and the fish seem ok.

    Anything I should be looking for behavior wise when ramping up temps to the 86º ich elimination zone?
  4. Guppy lover12346 Initiate Member

    Hotter temps, means less oxygen, if you have an air stone, I recommend using it.
    Change 25-30 % water everyday from now on