Ich or parasites or what?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by TylerLovesFish, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    So my newer guppy has just started rubbing himself against the rock on the bottom. Always right side. Never did it before today but I did notice the water has gotten cloudier today. However, if its ich or parasites, can my snail get it? I mean, if I can't do anything about the fish... I don't know what medicine to get and if my snail can tolerate the medicine.

  2. Bettalover99 Valued Member Member

    It sounds like ich it looks like little specs of salt you would notice it on your fish, there's specific medicine made for ich I'm not sure about your snail ask your pet store
  3. TylerLovesFish Well Known Member Member

    I see nothing on his or any fish's gills. He hasn't done it again, and it was only when I was feeding (I accidentally added to much, it kind of was a lot of little specs flying around)
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    Rubbing against gravel or orniments is called "flashing". It is sometimes a sign of "Velvet" disease. Velvet usually looks like a brown growth on the side of the fish. You may want to google velvet for more info.

    Also, as mentioned above, Ich makes the entire fish look like it has been sprinkled with salt.

    I aggree with bankruptjojo, that it the fish only does it once or twice it's probably nothing to worry about.