Ich or not?


I recently introduced female fighter into my tank. Don't have qt tank, but I treated whole tank after adding with Esha 2000 just in case.

Fish was looking healthy, but 3 days later found her dead at the bottom covered in white cotton like thing.

Checked with LFS that sold me fish, same thing... Complete wipeout of the batch, and apparently that white thing was late stage of the ICH, they didn't see any white spots at all, apparently because of fish colouring. Mine one also didn't had any white spots.

Few days later I noticed some tiny micro white spots on my Black Moor.
It's third week now.
Treatments used:
King British Original WS3 for a week and half.
Esha Exit + Esha 2000 after that week and half +
Temperature is constantly 28/29 Celsius
Feeding fresh garlic every 2 days

I still see that micro white spots on body...
There is 9 fish in the tank, just one of them have spots.
So only moor have them.
No signs of stress, eating normally, doing his normal stuff.
Minnows are fine - no spots, or changes in behaviour
Shrimps died within first week of medication (was supposed to transfer them in the jar before treating but....)

Sorry for bad picture, water is coloured, he is definitely not a fish that sits in one place waiting for me to take picture.
Can someone confirm this is ICH?

I'm kind of at the point to take out all fish, disinfect whole aquarium, do 100% water change and just add some salt.

Don't want add any more chemicals.
Luckily filters are still working normally, keeping water in perfect conditions. I test every 2 days since this started.


That is useful, I'll clean my tank now and just perform more frequent water changes and leave temp on 86.
And keep feeding garlic to fish, they love it


Hope it works out for you, keep us updated!

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