Ich Or Finrot?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by mitchellh97, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Bought this flowerhorn yesterday, Very few small white specs on fins none on body. Came to check on him this morning and over night it started looking like finrot. Long spots on fins turning white and now on top of tail as well. It’s only on the tips of the fins not in the center. Called my LFS and said the other flowerhorn they kept them with looks like he has ich. But I’ve never had to deal with ich yet but I have dealt with finrot. What is this? First 2 pictures are of the day I got him (24 hours ago) and last two are of this morning (3 hours ago) IMG_0468.jpgIMG_0459.jpgIMG_0474.JPGIMG_0476.JPG

    How should I treat this? Right now I have temp up to 85 and blacked out assuming it’s just ich.
    Thanks everyone
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    Looks like ich in my opinion. I use Kordon ich attack which proves to be effective. I would also boost your fishes immune system with garlic which you would add to it's food. Because you have a flower horn, i would also stay away from any salt bath methods. I'm also not sure why you have blacked your tank out though. Ich is a parasite, and not photosythentic.
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    I’ve read that once ich falls from the fish to reproduce in the substrate that it can’t find a host in the dark and eventually dies off