Ich Or Fin Rot? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by JackyB, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. JackyB

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    I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong category, but I'm not sure where else it should go.

    I recently moved my fish tank with all my fish to a new city, and while they were all fine back home, but now 2 of my mollies are looking sick and I don't know what it is.

    The white female has gotten white spots on her fins (primarily tail and analfins). Her left eye is also enlarged and looks slightly cloudy. She generally has started to isolated herself to the top, back of the tank. She doesn't come to where I'm feeding the fish but when I drop food close to her, she does eat.



    I also have an Orange one whose tail fin is looking jagged, as if a rough chunk has been taken out of the top end. He has behaving normally though.


    I thought it might be ich this morning, so I increased the temperature to about 30°C (about 83°F)

    All other fish seem perfectly fine.

    All the help anyone can give me is appreciated and thank you in advance!
  2. KimberlyG

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    The white one does not look like ick but I see a couple of spots on the mickey that could be ick. You do have fin rot. I would treat for fin rot using API furan-2 or Jungle fungus clear (This one is available at Walmart)
  3. OP

    JackyBNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the diagnosis, would keeping the temperature that high be beneficial?
  4. KimberlyG

    KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    When heat treating for ick the temperature needs to be 86*F (30*C) I have a link. That would work because we are not mixing meds. Some can work together, others can not. Below is a link to the heat treatment method. Since you are using celsius, you are not in the U.S.. You will be looking for a med that contains nitrofurazone, and furazolidone to treat the fin rot.
    Curing ICH Naturally
  5. fjh

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    Personally I would just do a salt treatment since it would cure either of those. Young ich can't survive in salt, and the salinity would also prevent any bacterial infection she might have.
  6. KimberlyG

    KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I would normally agree with fjh on the salt treatment if the fins had just started showing signs of rot, but on the molly, it's pelvic fin is almost entirely gone and the analfin is not far behind. Sorry, this is a case for antibiotics if you don't want it to progress to body rot.
  7. fjh

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    Oh no! I didn't see that, I thought her fins were just clamped! :0 yep you need something stronger than just salt then...
  8. OP

    JackyBNew MemberMember

    Thank you, I did add antibiotics to the tank. The pelvic fins are there on her but they are just clamped down (bad PIC, sorry). I wasn't sure about the salt because, while I know jollies are fine with salt, my GBRs I'm not too sure about.
  9. KimberlyG

    KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    The GBRs should be fine with salt as long as you know how to dose correctly but if the fin is that clamped, antibiotics was still the correct coarse of action.