55 Gallon Tank Ich medication vs sponge filter


a few of my fish have ick. i have 2 sponge filters (size Large) in my 55 gallon, i put in my first dosage of Super Ick Cure about 8 hours ago, and when i checked 15 minutes ago the water was no longer blue, it's clear now. is that normal with sponge filters?


I haven't used it with sponge filters only my undergravel filter.

Ich medications often rely on a dye, malachite green, as this is the most effective chemical cure.

Malachite green gives the water a green colouration. Well, I see it as green, some see it as blue.

In time the water colour changes to a clear appearance in time. The dye (and ich remedy) is still present however, just in a slightly changed clear form.

High pH and temperature speed up this change.

Also, some materials will soak up malachite green as that is what a dye does, it colours materials. Silicone is notorious for changing colour in the presence of malachite green.


I had no issues with a sponge filter during Ich medication. How ever certain items in the tank have the possibility to absorb the dye and become blue...

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