Ich Issues; Where To Start?


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Hello! I cycled a new 75 gallon tank about two weeks ago and was able to put in some cichlids, a red tail shark, and an angelfish in it. However, I suspect that the angelfish brought in ich to the tank, although it isn’t bad. My demasoni and acei cichlids have a single big white spot on their fin, and the angelfish has two on the fins on his head. So, I dont even know if it’s ich or not! Should I start treating for ich? I can attach pictures of the fish if I need to.


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Ich looks like someone sprinkled granulated salt on your fish. A single big white spot doesn't sound like ich. A single small white spot might be the start. Pictures would be good.

There's no such thing as ich that isn't bad. The visible white spots are just one phase of the life cycle. By the time you see a white spot on your fish, the disease has been infesting your tank for a while. The other phases of the life cycle are not visible.

You can treat either with medication or raising the temperature. I've used both methods successfully. I don't know how your fish will do with higher temps. Whichever method you choose, make sure you continue the treatment for the entire time recommended. Because most of the ich life cycle is not visible, people will often stop treatment when the white spots disappear, thinking it's cured. Then it will show up again a week later, often killing the fish in the process.
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