ich in my reef tank what to do? 30 Gallon Tank

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  1. rocky12 New Member Member

    I have a 30 gallon reef tank that was going great until I added 2 clownfish that under closer inspection had ich. Asked my LFS if I should qt them since i never had a problem before with his livestock. Now I have a huge problem. My qt tank is not ready since I was treating my older clownfish that died. Do I have to cycle my qt tank to put my fish that have ich? I have 5 fish total and I'm not going to be able to treat them all at once. I'm really really head scratching here? How should go about treating my reef tank?

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  2. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Fill up QT with DT water and treat fish and replace water in DT use a good power head on QT and check ammonia daily when ammonia starts to rise do a 30% water change and do this till fish are clean are you sure this is ich? what size QT are we talking about?And what type clowns did you purchuse? Also what are you going to treat with?

  3. rocky12 New Member Member

    ich problem

    Thanks for your reply. The fish that I purchased are a pair of ocellaris anemonefish that were tank bred at my LFS. My QT tank is just a ten gallon. My conceren is, thats way to much bioload for such a small tank for 5 fish. I was going to treat them with seachems cupramine. I'm 90 percent certain it's ich. Right now in my DT tank I'm using fishvet no-ich and increased the airation along with increasing the temp to 82. As of today my cherub angel, chalk bass, are now infected. My sixline wrasse and the pair of clownfish seem fine. Thanks for the imformation

  4. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    That's not good my freind! That ten will not work for that many fish so buy a 30 gallon tub from Wal-mart or Target or where ever you can find a storage tub and use that to QT fish if you cannot afford one and treat them in that. Do you have live rock in DT what type filtration are you using in DT and what else can you tell me about your setup? I need more info to help with this and time is a factor.
  5. rocky12 New Member Member

    yes we have live rock and the filter is a aqueon hang on filter. we also have 4 corals and several inverts.
    what would we do for filtration in the tub? would a sponge filter be ok?
  6. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    A heater and power heads is all you would need.And also is the treatment in DT reef safe!
  7. rocky12 New Member Member

    ich problem

    Yes the treatment in my tank is reef safe. Its made by fishvet it's called no-ich. I stopped down at another LFS store today he told me to take out 3 gallons of DT tank water then transfer it in my QT tank. Then do the same tommorow. He said if the fish start scratching themselves on the rocks take those fish out and QT them and to continue treatment with NO-ICH. HE also said that as long as the fish are eating and continue to look healthy they might be able to fight it. I'm also using garlic with my food. well what next?
  8. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Give it a few days hopefully the ich will be gone But yes get QT started so that if you need it it will be ready and keep water circulating and a heater set at around 82 degrees that will also help as well if the time comes.
  9. rocky12 New Member Member

    what tank are we talking? the QT or the DT that you recomend setting at 82 degrees. As well as the water circulation. Thanks stang man for all your help
  10. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Qt tank get it ready for use to control ich watch fish every chance you get I would just treat fish right away don't risk it just will cause more problems But I would advise you to start DT right away and be ready to put them in as problems accur! I don't know about the product you are currently using but if it's reef safe chances are that it's not going to do the job! for now just wait a day or two to see what developes! This can and will tell if this will be a problem. Havin 2 clowns is not a good idea to start with are they aggresive toward each other from start?
  11. rocky12 New Member Member

    No my clownfish are not aggressive toward each other since I bought them as a pair. I went down to petsmart today and bought a UV sterilizer I was thinking since a UV sterilizer removes parisites and any viruses thats present in my DT it should limit if not kill the parisite thats in my tank. I'm going to take your advice if the problem perisits but before I do that what do you think on trying the UV sterilizer? could you give me some insight on this product and how it works? what are the drawbacks? can this impose more problems than I already have ? do you recomend giving this a try? before I put this in my tank I'll wait and see what you have to say. Everything in QT is ready to go I also have a small five gallon tank if I have to take all fish out. I'll put the chalkbass and the two clowns in the ten gallon since they seem to get along very well. Then I'll put the pygmy angel and the sixline wrass in the five gallon. I bought a tank divider for the ten gallon just to make sure there's no agreesion. The pygmy angel always follows the sixline wrass around so I figure there pretty compatible with each other. Seachem cupramine a good medication to treat the ich?
  12. rocky12 New Member Member

    My UV sterilizer is a green machine 24 watt light rated up to 100 gallons.
  13. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    UV are good for fish only but I would defeniately not use it for reef this light will kill certain bacterias that are beneficial to a reef it does kill some parasites but will not kill ich it will also kill certain algaes as well that also will not be good for a reef. I think it's a waste of money but not for fish only tanks or ponds I have one on my pond to kill certain algeas cause I had a bad string algaeand it works great. What happens is the bulb inside unit is very bright so when water passes through it kills alot of organisms that can cause fungal and some parisites. Ich is only in fish tanks both fresh and salt Ther's no ich in our oceans. How much was the dividers you can purchuse egg crate at Home Depot and cut to size you can find this in the lighting section its used for flouresant lightin and use suction cups to hold in place. May be alittle cheaper.Cupramine is a copper based product I like to use this for Ich and velvet its a good thing to have. Just be careful and use it as follows and do not get any of the water to DT it will kill all inverts corals LR as well.
  14. rocky12 New Member Member

    Can anyone tell my why my dragon zoanthids arnt coming out? there always closed.
  15. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Zoas require alot of light and moderate water flow. tell me more about setup please.
  16. rocky12 New Member Member

    Hey stang man. For lighting I have a aquaticlife 30 inch lightfixture. Right now I'm running 2 10,000ks t5 HO's and 2 corallife 24watt actinic t5 HO.. I replaced the 2 actinics it came with, the coralife ones for a more puprle spectrum. I ordered 2 14000 ks daylight bulbs yesterday. For current I'm running the aqueon 55 power filter combined with a penguin 550 powerhead, then on the same side as the powerhead I have a hydor #1 nano magnetic powerfilter sumerged in the water for more current.
  17. rocky12 New Member Member

    forgot to tell you. The ich I belive is just about at the end of it's cycle. It could of been alot worse. but I think I caught it early enough to treat it. Lost one fish in the process. The chalk bass didnt make it. I know you dont like UV sterilizers but I think it helped alot. If there one thing I learned the hard way QT every fish you buy.
  18. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    That's plenty of light you can also do some hard corals as well. I'm glad to here ICH is about gone that's GREAT!!!!!