Ich In Black Neons, Treatment Help

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How do I treat ich it looks like my black neons have it they have little white spots on their head and tail my water has little specks in it and I put in a bag of general cure could this be what I see sorry pics were hard

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How do I treat ich it looks like my black neons have it they have little white spots on their head and tail my water has little specks in it and I put in a bag of general cure could this be what I see sorry pics were hard

It definitely could be ich. I know it he’s taking pictures of moving fish but if you could try it would really help properly identify the issue

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Ok should I wait to make sure its not the dust from the general cure.
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Ok should I wait to make sure its not the dust from the general cure.

It’s up to you when you take it, it’ll just be easier if we can see the fish. The sooner you take it, the sooner we can help
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ok thanks ill try

Here’s pics one of there tails falls down when it’s still. It looks like ich is there any treatments that don’t harm other fish


More sorry I have a lot and it only let me put 10 in one post


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Sorry I can't see the spots, but if one has a sinking back end, that could be swim bladder issues. Possibly stress from relocation. Hopefully it will correct itself without meds. FYI I don't ever remember seeing free swimming ich. The particles in the water may be something else. Did you dissolve the GC first?

The one in the first pic looks thin Is that the one having terrible keeping equilibrium?
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If you are referring to the white spots on the top and bottom of the tail of the black neons as the tail spreads out into the transparent tail fin, then all black neons have them. Just had a look at mine and they definitely all have them in the same place. So that is a color marking.

I cannot see the spots on their heads, even though I enlarged the pics. Whereabouts on the head are these white spots. If it is ICH, then the easiest place to see the white spots is on the transparent parts of the fins.

The one in the first pic looks thin
Generally the neons are looking thin - are they very young? What are you feeding them on?
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That one is interesting I’ve had it for over 3 years and it just didn’t grow I could be underfeeding them a little but my other ones are fine so it isn’t ich I’ll keep an eye on them but there are white spots on the head

Here can you see it


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That one is interesting I’ve had it for over 3 years and it just didn’t grow I could be underfeeding them a little but my other ones are fine so it isn’t ich I’ll keep an eye on them but there are white spots on the head
I do see a spec now. But have you added anything from the LFS lately? If the thin neon is 3 years old, whatever the problem is for the thin frame, it isn't killing him....
Sometimes you get a runt. What size of school are they in?

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3 right now I’m getting more soon and I got new fish 2 weeks ago and didn’t know about qt
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3 right now I’m getting more soon and I got new fish 2 weeks ago and didn’t know about qt
Ok I guess you know neons prefer to be in a large school then. Well it's possible it is ich, but can't be sure. Have you finished the GC treatment yet?

I know Paraguard is good against ich and safe for a planted tank. I used to use salt (sodium chloride) and heat as an ich treatment in QT with no plants with 100% success, but salt is not tolerated by many plants. I see you have java fern which is tolerant of salt btw, crypts not so much! But finish the GC treatment since you started it already, it could be a preemptive treatment for now.

If you notice more spots or they 'change places' you are probably dealing with ich. Grab some Paraguard if you can in that case. Any of the new fish showing symptoms?
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Ok I did a water change during the treatment is that ok
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Ok I did a water change during the treatment is that ok
During? GC should stay in the water for 48hrs. Then A water change, then redose for another 48hrs.

If you don't think you did it right, might be best to move to Paraguard, as I feel that is a better suited med for your neons with ich (if it's ich!). The GC would be good to make sure there are no internal parasites. But honestly, if the thin neon was like that for 3 years, it is not parasites.

Ok and not meaning to scold or sound like a boss, but I 100% recommend QT for new fish going forward even if it's a clear tote bin (to observe) and not an actual tank.


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Ok yeah I got it I’m treating with GC because it is bloated with white poop
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It’s they have a lot of white spots on them but it’s identical to the general cure so it might have gotten stuck to them not sure

They also have lack of apitite yeah they have white dust/spots all over them and seem stressed It’s swimming around in circles and keeps returning to one spot

What should I do

More water changes after I finish GC I assume
They still have the white spots!

Should I treat for ich

I’m sorry for posting this much I just really need help

Here’s good pictures white spots only visible under light I didn’t dissolve the GC should I add a little bit of aquarium salt


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Your one little spot turned into ich.
Luckily you can technically do both treatments at once, I've had to do it as well when my fish got ich and started battling columnaris among other things.
I prefer kordon rid ich over another ich med.
Formalin worms best and can be dosed every 12 hours.
Hope you get through this! Might want to give the worst fish a salt bath or two though.


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Ok is there any full tank treatment that I can do because I don’t have ich med on hand and aquarium salt baths not epsom salt right

I didn’t qt my fish and I regret it sadness

I can’t do a salt dip until the morning and is it weird that I can only see it under a light also will the ic( med get here in time it says it will take 6-8 days

I know I comment a lot but does apI super ick work and will my fish still be alive Thursday should I raise my temperature
I have a Bristlenose pleco
4 zebra danios
3 black neons
2 snails

How aquarium salt should I dose for ich. I have a twenty gallon full tank dose can’t water change for a day help
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Hi! I've used 1tbs per 5 gallon and it worked well. I see you have snails in the tank - I would remove all inverts before adding the salt. Also if you can raise the temperature to 86+ F for a few weeks then that will kill the ich too
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Honestly buying super Ick cure or Ick x is a lot less invasive, salt is super harsh on their internal organs (really hard to maintain their osmotic balance and their kidneys are working super hard)
Sorry that’s not the specific answer you want but I’ve cured Ick several times with super Ick cure
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Some of the reviews say it kille dfish and was not safe for invertebrates

Will raising the temperature harm my fish I am concerned about that

Tails of most of my fish heavily drooping

Will they live until Thursday when I can get the super ick


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are you sure its ich? can you post pictures? ich shouldn't make their tails drop, it should look lite your fish are covered with grains of sand...
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Some of the reviews say it kille dfish and was not safe for invertebrates

They just put that on the bottle for lawsuit reasons
Cory uses Ick-x (pretty much the same ingredients as super Ick cure in different ratios on all the fish that comes in the store) People usually only leave reviews when something bad happened. And you don’t know if they used it appropriately either, and how sick their fish were to start off with he uses [ick-x] it on scaleless fish and inverts too
I’ve used super Ick cure several times with snails in the tank and haven’t experienced any losses

The toxicity of malachite green at appropriate strength is the lesser evil than a strong level of salt on inverts (and fish) IMO

BUT lots of people do salt and heat, I just think it’s kinda medieval when you can use meds at 82 but I’m just a voice in the peanut gallery

Can you fill out the sick fish template?
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Thanks will they live till Thursday doing water change tommorow

yeah I can’t get exact perams right now though
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IMO salt for your bristlenose pleco is not good as they don’t tolerate salt very well. I have treated ich with raising the temp to 84f and do water changes with vacuum every other day.
Remember to add an air stone because higher temps drop oxygen levels n the water.


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What is the water volume of the tank? 20 gallon
How long has the tank been running? 1 year
Does it have a filter? Yes
Does it have a heater? Yes
What is the water temperature? 74
What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 4 zebra danios, 3 black neon teras, 1 Bristlenose pleco, and 2 nerite snails.

How often do you change the water? 25% every one or two weeks
How much of the water do you change? 25-35%
What do you use to treat your water? Seachem prime and stress coat
Do you vacuum the substrate or just the water? Substrate

*Parameters - Very Important
Did you cycle your tank before adding fish? Yes
What do you use to test the water? Strips and master kit this is strips results.
What are your parameters? We need to know the exact numbers, not just “fine” or “safe”.

Ammonia: can’t get it right now

How often do you feed your fish? Once a day
How much do you feed your fish? A pinch
What brand of food do you feed your fish? HikarI pellets or topfin flakes
Do you feed frozen or freeze-dried foods? Sometimes peas

Illness & Symptoms
How long have you had this fish? It’s like all of my black neon teras, but I got one of them less than a month ago and dint qt I know I’m dumb
How long ago did you first notice these symptoms? 4-6 days ago when I put in the GC undissolved
In a few words, can you explain the symptoms? White spots a little loss of appetite
Have you started any treatment for the illness? No
Was your fish physically ill or injured upon purchase? No
How has its behavior and appearance changed, if at all? White spots lack of appetite drooped tail

Explain your emergency situation in detail. (Please give a clear explanation of what is going on, include details from the beginning of the illness leading up to now) it started when I put in general cure, so I thought it was just dust from that, but it’s still here, I know I should have qt Ed them my bad how to treat.

So will they live
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You can raise the temp 2 degrees per day up to 86.
Then when you gey meds you can start to lower it 2 degrees per day.
I'm not sure about that med.
The ingredient it seems to use is an antimicrobial, and I don't know if it will be the best kind of med.
Is there anything else that has acriflavin and malachite green?
Did you know fungal cure has those ingredients?
I think it has an extra ingedient too but I'm not sure.
It could be used as a make shift ich med if nothing better is available.

The one with the most ich you'll want to do a salt bath with.
10-15 minutes in slightly warmer tank water, with a dose of salt.
If you have a quart container I'd do half a teaspoon of salt.
And yes regular non-iodized salt.
Do not use iodized.
The one with the most ich might not survive 8 days with that much ich on it.
But it is definitely possible.

What temperature is your tank at now? You might want to go up 3 degrees per day instead of 2.

I didn't qt my fish at first either because the rest were okay for a long time before I bought them.
Then eventually I got someone with ich and lost 14 of my fish.
I felt awful...
It takes some time to learn.
I'm going through a lesson in overstocking right now.. Lol :/
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My tanks at 74 and I ordered super ick because I could get it on Thursday is raising temp safe I’ve kept it at 80 before

Should I do a half dosage of super ich for snails and pleco

I just got new plants less than 2 weeks ago those probaly came with ich

How do I clean my gravel vac

One of them is laying on the ground not moving what should I do

Rip first one is dead
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My tanks at 74 and I ordered super ick because I could get it on Thursday is raising temp safe I’ve kept it at 80 before

The method of raising it only a few degrees per day helps acclimate the fish to it.
My heater recently couldnt cope with the cold so I turned it up a bit, apparently that put me at 86, and everyone is just fine and dandy, the cories just don't like it because it's hot.
It's a method called texas something lol...
It's used for temperature sensitive fish like plecos, cories, loaches and other colder water fish.
You'll only want to do that while treating with salt though, since it speeds up the life cycle of the disease.

You want to do water changes daily as well, to remove any ich floating above the substrate.
Imagine you're deep cleaning your tank.
It would take you quite a while to get from 74 to 86 by going 2 degrees per day, at that point the ich should hopefully be weaker and easier to take out rather than trickier.
If you're getting the meds thursday (tomorrow? Or next week?)
You may want to try doing salt baths every other day for the worst of the fish.
And definitely really clean out the tank and make sure you get lots of water off the bottom.
And clean the siphon really well with the hottest water you can after as well, to kill any hitch hiking ich.


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One of them died this morning doesn’t look dead just lying on the gravel not moving I’m going to try to get the medication today and I’ll start raising my temp and doing salt baths the weird thing is it doesn’t have ich anymore

Is it bad that their is white film on water top
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is there any way you could do a water change right now?
Salt is okay for your bushy in small amounts.
I had to do salt baths for extended time on my bushy and he was okay.
Over a week is a long time to wait for meds while not taking action with that much ich in the tank.

Op has other posts with photos included for this thread as sometimes people don't truly help or respond to them in a manner that is applicable to the situation.
Op also posted of possibly having ich about a week ago to which they were told
"No, treat with something like general cure or something for bacteria" to which others said it was likely ich and should be treated in the next few days.

One of the fish is severely covered in ich like my pleco was.
I even used a small pen cap to help remove some of the ich where I could..
Salt is honestly the best thing you can do when you have no meds and a low temp.
Raising to 86 from 74 in a matter of a few days will harm them, but raising it the way I said won't, and using less salt only in a bath isn't nearly as harmful as putting it in the tank and leaving it, as OP said they can't do anyway.
Salt is also okay for snails in small amounts.
I've never lost a snail to the lightest salinity.
I've ever had some snails survive in my brackish water.
This definitely needs to get treated though, and not just allowed to run rampant in your tank.
Since ich dies at 86, using that hot water to clean the siphon will work to kill and flush out any left over ich.

It may also be best to keep the same posts and just resond to that rather than making multiple posts and having to repeat information.

white film above the tank is just protien film, usually means the surface agitation isn't good enough to break it down.
Or that sometimes perhaps there's extra ammonia since it builds up in stagnant water as well.
You can skI'm it off, but it will keep growing for a while.
Eventually it shouldn't be so bad, especially after treating.

Which one died? Was it the one covered the most?
Also yep...
Seems the ich kick the bucket and move on when their host dies.
Perhaps fish get a fever when they die and kill it
Wishful thinking.
It might also be back in the tank, so I'd do a water change now if possible.

Who is laying on the ground?
Ich is a pretty harsh disease sometimes.
Hopefully with the light salt baths and temp you can start to ease them :/
You don't have any fungal cure on hand huh?
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I'm getting the meds today apI super ick I can't do a water change right now but ill od one this afternoon

The one laying on the ground is the dead one I can't do a change right now and I'm raising the temp and it was the smaller one not the one covered the most but th esecond most will the one cover the most last six hours for treatment.

SHould I do a half dosage so 2.5 ml per gallon

Imean 10 ml for my whole tank

I have pimafix general cure and melafix and should I do a half dosage of the medicine when I get it.

can I put it directly into my tna or not

Can I pour it directly into my tank
I put it in would yo recommend a salt dip for the worst one
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Several threads have been merged, it gets very confusing to have multiple threads on the same subject.


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How should I do a water change with half dose ich medication

Should I do a salt bath and if I do a water change should I redise how should I do a salt bath I normally put them in a Tupperware with tank water for 10 minutes and dose with salt


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Like 25%
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So you'll lose about the same amount of meds. When you add new water back, add a quarter of the half dose too


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My big one is running up and down the wall

I have a fish running up and down a wall and seems stressed. I am treating for ich and two of my other fish died from it. I heated up the water so that could be it and my wall is also dirty
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What size tank is this?
What fish do you have in it?
What's your water parameters?
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I might be paranoid and it might be fine
20 gallon
4 zebra danios
1 black neon
1 Bristlenose pleco
2 snails
Nitrate 5
Nitrite 0
Ph 7
Ammonia not sure
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First of all I'd make sure ammonia is where it should be at.
Which one of the fish is it that's running up and down the glass?
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First of all I'd make sure ammonia is where it should be at.
Which one of the fish is it that's running up and down the glass?
I agree, check the ammonia and the nitrites.
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Also increase aeration if you can with an air stone and/or dropping the water level if you have a HOB filter to increase surface agitation. Both meds and a raised temp can deplete oxygen in the water.
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Ok thanks and it’s the black neon

Do I need to if it has plants when it swims it’s tail is under it and swimming seems labored for it could just be because it’s big though it’s also staying near the top and opening and closing its mouth though ich treatment could be stressful

Here’s a video
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It's probably stressed out cause it's a schooling fish, but it's the only one in there of its kind as far as I've understood.
Keeping such fish in lower numbers than six is usually never a good idea and will lead to stress, illness and aggression depending on the species.
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Its old too

Now it has fungus on its head and is doing this what should I do just did the second dose of ich meds

It’s tail is always down when it swims
Should I do a salt dip

I need help with this should I do a salt bath for it please I’m very stressed

Should I do an aquarium salt dip my fish has fungus and is swimming with its tail down
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What fish is it? Do you have a picture? What's your setup and water parameters? You've got to solve the root of the problem asap instead of just treating the symptoms. If you're certain it's fungus, m. blue is more effective against fungus but aquarium salt (depending on the species) sometimes does the trick.
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It’s a black neon and it’s bad

It’s on his head and gills I also have ich in there and am treating for it


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It’s a black neon and it’s bad
I'm sorry, but that doesn't answer my other questions. Aquarium salt is safe to use on a black neon but if you have m. blue, please try it first. That's all I can tell you with the information I've been given.

Edit: alright, pictures are helpful. You can certainly try a salt dip but to me that might just be the result of the ich you already have in your tank.

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