Ich In A Nearly Cycled Tank Help

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    mingmeii New Member Member

    What should I do? I have had an ich outbreak before in a completely cycled tank and I only had to treat one fish. I have aquarium salt and malachite green ich treatment. I am already raising the temperature of the tank but i dont know what to do from there. I'm scared of adding the salt in too fast and killing all the fish, along with the ich treatment messing up my tank. I was thinking of a salt dip but over half my fish are infected.
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    Charlaboo Valued Member Member

    Anytime I've seen ich in a cycling tank it's because of other underlying problems ie stress because the ammonia nitrite nitrate levels are too high. Do a 25% water change and You can use prime to immediately detoxify the ammonia and n/n and add some tank buster or fluval cycle to get the beneficial bacteria growing. Treat the underlying water quality issue and the ich should clear up