Ich Emergency With Gold Ram And 6 Corys Help

  1. Violetta Initiate Member

    So I have a 20 gallon tank, ammonia and nitrites are both 0 and nitrates are about 5 ppm or less. I have 6 false julii corys, a gold ram, 3 marimo balls, and an anubias.

    The Gold ram has a few white spots on his fins, so I'm pretty sure he has ich. I don't see any white spots on the corys yet though. I heard corys are sensitive to salt and many medications. I got Kordon Rid Ich Plus because it claims to be safer than most other meds, so I dosed the tank yesterday and today the corys seem much more lethargic, which worried me a lot. I did a 30% water change and now I don't know what to do. My LFS recommended Microbe-Lift Herbtana, which I had been using for a different purpose a week ago. But I'm wondering if there is still medication in the water is it safe to start Herbtana? I put my carbon filter back in to absorb the meds but don't know how long it takes to absorb and if my filter is even any good because it's been working for a while. Can anyone give me advice on this? I don't want to lose any fish.
  2. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    The fish you have should tolerate the heat method if it is truly ick ( picture ? ). I will attach a link.

    Do a 50% watet change and put some carbon in your filter to get rid of the medication first.

    Curing ICH Naturally

  3. cla001 Member Member

    Please tell me it wasn't Petco...
  4. Violetta Initiate Member

    Okay! I'm sorry I can't get a picture of my fish. He's won't stay still at all. What else could white spots indicate? He has two little spots on the edge of his fin.
    Yeah.. I only went there for medicine. Is there something bad about Herbtana?

  5. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    White spots could be bacteria , fungus , a missing scale , physical injury , or something completely benign like natural pigmentation. I would watch closely and if it spreads or starts to look like someone salted your fish it is likely ick. A picture would be awesome if he calms down.
  6. cla001 Member Member

    Nothing really bad except for it having ZERO evidence of efficiency and aggressively promoted by Petco pushing people in distress to buy a $20 bottle of something that will not help their fish at all.

    I have a personal grudge against at as I didn't know any better back then, and when ich attacked our tank, Petco guy pushed this Herbtana thing to my wife and we lost a few precious days when we could've started a proper treatment and probably saved some of our fishies who otherwise died over just a few days.
    Bottom line - almost all "positive" reviews of Herbtana are from people who essentially used it as a preventative measure not even knowing if they had any issues or not. I have not seen a single review online from someone who had a serious ich outbreak, treated with Herbtana at normal temperature and successfully fought the disease.
    I'll probably stop here as I might hurt some people's feelings now :D
  7. Violetta Initiate Member

    Thanks for the help, both of you. I notice now that the area around/below his gills looks a little brownish, but he hasn't been breathing heavily and he's still very active and eating. I'll try to get a picture again tomorrow to more definitively diagnose this. In the meantime, I've begun raising the temperature just in case it is ich.

  8. Violetta Initiate Member

    Why is he turning brown below his eye?? :( The biggest white spot is on his pectoral fin, which you can't see in the photo so well.