Ich and Velvet and Fungus?

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    2 of my female betas have a white webbing on the tips of their right fins(Sara and Zeebee). My one betas(Marci) has white gills and gold sparkly stuff on her one fin. My one beta(Zeebee) has a grey is tint over her right eye and a little between her skirt and tail fin. Two of my skirt tetras have some white dots on them.
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    Can you take pics of everyone?
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    file:///Users/64006189/Desktop/Photo%20on%206-6-16%20at%205.09%20PM%20%233.jpg this is really the best i could get for Marci. Sara flared and got in the picture. They are extremely hard to photograph, especially when using a Macbook Air. I have a nice layer of green algae everywhere, so I would love to put my 2 snails and plants in, but I heard they don't do so well when in a tank being treated with medicines.

    looking at her again, the gill covers are white when you look at them straight on, but they're golden when i look at an angle lower than her. Zebec definitely has some kind of cataracts or fungus on most of her right eye.
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    [​IMG]corrected link

    is it safe to medicate when you have snails? and plants?
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    Can't really see much in that pic.

    And it depends on the medication. Some are safe, some are not.
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    I'll be using Bettafix for the fungus (and velvet?) and Lifeguard Ich for the ich. Should i treat everyone in my tank including my otto? I'll treat one, water change, then do the other in a time period of a weak-ish. My snails and plants are still in my quarantine tank, but I should move them soon.
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    I wouldn't use Bettafix. I don't think it'll do much. If it really is velvet, you'll need something a bit stronger.

    Better pics (separate pics of each fish with issues) would help confirm.
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    My phone won't let me take pictures. Found this one online. https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/...9222178-betta-fish-black-gills-bettabowl2.jpg The gill covers are gold this this betta's

    320 × 262 - the fungus-eye kind of looks like the bottom left one in this picture, but only on the left half of Zeebee's eye. Fungus or cataracts?

    http://www.wetwebmedia.com/Anabantoids/betta3.jpg in this picture, imagine that the ends of the fins have white stuff on them (demonstrated with the blur) kind of what Sara has.
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    I'm sorry, but I can't help without actual pictures of the fish. You describing it isn't helping me understand what's going on.

    Maybe someone else can help better?
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    What course of action should I take? Ich first and then go from there?
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    First action : take and place pics of your own fish (not from other fish : we know what bettas look like) as asked several of times now.
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    We need to confirm it's ich/velvet/fungus/etc. before we can recommend meds.
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    [​IMG] ok. this one is sara. Look at her right (our left) fin
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    [​IMG] ok. this is zeebee. She's the blue/grey thing almost vertical in the middle. The white circle around the black dot near the gravel is her eye fungus thing
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    [​IMG] ok. here is marci. her gill covers are not usually golden!
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    [​IMG] still marci. taken first. her gills are slightly standing out, she appears to be turning blue in front of the gold due to possibly choking!!, and her right fin doesn't seem to want to work!!!! I NEED to do something now!!! Also, she tried to eat some blanched cucumber that she appears to be choking on! Something bluish (possibly from the cucumber) is hanging from her gill!!! What do i do???? URGENT!!
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    Extremely urgent!! Marci could die!!
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    I am not sure about the pictures of the fish. As for the water parameters looks like high PH but the table could be making the blue look darker.