Ich and Adding New Fish


How long after treating a tank for ich would it be safe to add new fish? In terms of both contagion risks and putting stress on the current tank residents. I am treating my 29 gallon right now, but before this outbreak happened, I'd been planning on picking up a dwarf gouramI and bristlenose (or rubber lip) pleco to finally complete my stocking.
I know of course that I need to wait till all symptoms are gone, but how long after that? With the parasites life cycle, what is the risk of a 2nd outbreak after the symptoms appear to be cleared up? And in terms of the fish stress level, how long might it take fish immune system to recover to full strength? I do not want to rush the process but of course I'd been awfully excited to finally add that centerpiece cherry on the top of the sundae so to speak. All I do know is that whenever I get the new fish, they will be going into QT for a few weeks first. This outbreak didn't come from a new fish, but I certainly don't want to take risks of dealing with another issue anytime soon! Hehe. Thanks al!

Pic of my main (currently infected) tank just for fun.


I would wait a few weeks to see if it comes back before adding more fish IMO.


I wait a month.

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