Ich! 3+ Months Of It! Help!


Hey all. I have posted numerous times now about this ongoing issue and nothing I am doing is helping me out at all. I have a 125 gallon freshwater tank that is stocked with 1 baby Red Spotted Severum, 8 Denison Barbs, 6 Clown Loaches, and one Bristlenose Pleco. Before I moved from my 75 gallon tank to the 125, I had a small case of ich surrounding my Turquoise Severum I had at the time (only ever showed on her). I got that issue under control fairly easily with the heat and gravel vacc treatment, and when the time came I transferred her and the denison barbs to their new home. Fast forward a month later and I introduced 6 baby clown loaches after a month in quarantine with no issues and regular water changes being done. This was nearly 3 months ago, and not long after the loaches were introduced they aquired a small amount of ich in the form of 2-3 spots combined throughout all 6 loaches, with usually it all being on 1 with 5 being ich free to the naked eye. Shortly after I experienced aggression issues with my severum and rehomed her (the turquoise), which led me to introduce my new baby Red Spotted after a lengthy QT. Long story short, I believe the ich was never gone from the Turquoise when I transfered her to the 125 and it took hold (barely) on the Clowns when introduced. Ever since, nearly 3+ months now, the clowns have CONSISTENTLY shown 2-3 spots total, which one isolated incident with the smallest showing 10 or so spots. But when I say consistent, I mean its like those 3 spots just move from loach to loach and that's the most they ever have. I had the temperatures in the tank to nearly 88 for 2 months and was doing gravel vacs EVERY day thoroughly. After this didnt improve on the 2-3 spots, I added in Herbtana to try to add some herbal remedy in to the mix so as not to harm the clowns. I treated with this product for 3 weeks total along with the heat and vaccs and alas, the 2-3 spots always show up on one loach or another. So here I am, 3 months later with no answers. I finally lowered the temps back to normal a week or so ago and the spots dissapeared for a week. I thought I had finally cured it, but I'm almost positive that I just slowed its life cycle. My theory there was possibly the high temps for so long was leading to stress, along with the daily gravel vacs. The strange thing throughout this whole ordeal is that the Denisons have NEVER showed any spots, even in the 75 when it first came a LOOONG time ago. The severum has shown 1 spot a few times, but its always gone in a day or so and doesn't come back for weeks. If you can't tell, I'm INCREDIBLY frustrated and think it may be time for hard meds this time around. Maybe I should remove some large decor in order to hit them with heat and vaccs again to get even more thorough vaccing? I don't know! Help!!!



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