I would love some help properly identifying some of my fish

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    Hi, I recently set up a 55 gallon fish tank. I used a 40 pound bag of pool filter sand and a 15 pound bag of Carib Sea aragonite. I filled it up with tap water and used a water conditioner and sprinkled a tiny bit of food to begin the nitrogen cycle. I let it sit for 5 days with the filter and some bubbles. I've had fish in it for about 4 days now and everything's going great. I just wanted some help identifying a few of my fish. All of them are juvenile-ish except the two angel fish I have. Other than that I know that I have a Dojo Loach, a black and white convict cichlid, a white oscar and a regular one, and an albino channel cat. I am uncertain about a few of the cichlids I have, so I'll post a picture of them.

    Fairly certain it's a Cichlid, but I'm not sure what kind- [​IMG]

    I have two of these, one white and one orange- [​IMG]

    Here's the white one- [​IMG]

    I'm assuming this is a south african because he seems pretty docile- [​IMG]

    Here's my tank when I only had these 4 in it- [​IMG]
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    Don't put fish in your tank until it's done cycling! It sounds like you haven't ever had fish before. Do you know about the nitrogen cycle? If not read up on it please. Do you have a heater? A API master test kit?
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    I'm no expert but the orange and white ones look like zebras. Red zebra and Pearl white zebra.
    The blotchy one looks like it could be a OB peacock.

    And I have to sort of agree with sarah. What's done is done but get a test kit and make sure your chemistry is good. Prime does wonders during a cycling tank
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    Things might be going great now, but you're about to run into problems which could kill your fish, or at the very least cause them a lot of distress and diseases. If you read up on the nitrogen cycle / cycling a tank, you'll find out about the ammonia and nitrites you'll shortly see.

    The fish are Malawis, as said, and you have a few stocking issues, and possibly water parameter issues, but first you need to get rid of all the fish and cycle your filter properly.

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    Welcome to Fishlore!

    In addition to what the others said, the two oscars and channel cat will outgrow your tank, so when you restock after cycling, leave those guys out :)
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    Spotted one looks like and Ob peacock , the red one is a red zebra, the white one looks like Snow White socolofi also think I see a electric yellow cichlid in the pics they are Mbunas and should only be kept with mbunas.
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    I've gotten it tested twice. Once before I put fish in, then another time after I had about 6. It passed both times. I have a cascade 1000 filter and a heater for I think 40 gallons which i used for my 35 gallon tank a while back, this is a different house so i keep it a bit warmer. The temp is around 76 F.

    Yeah I talked to the pet store and they said they would more than likely take them back. Thank you!!

    The yellow one does seem a bit shy. I wasn't aware.

    Thanks for spreading the word!
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    Also.... please get a test kit and do your own tests (the API master kit is one of the best). Don't rely on a shop, because believe it or not a lot of them don't really know what they're doing...

    Welcome to the forum btw. You'll get all the help you need here... just ask. :)
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    Thank you!!