I won a fish tank as a door prize!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Et tu, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Et tuValued MemberMember

    As the title says, woot hoot I won a fish tank as a door prize.

    It is a tiny Marineland Classic 4 gallon hidden led acrylic tank. It has some odd wiring going from the crummy penguin bio wheel, and the led's then to a transformer. The design is so dumb, but easy enough to put it together. I haven't had a betta for years, and have been thinking about setting up a small stylish nano tank.

    Since the filter/light/hood are all connected as one, i am stuck with the penguin, think it is a 100. So i tossed the bio wheel, modded a aquaclear sponge to slow the cascade of water, put as much bio active matrix as i could in the filter chamber, and installed the blue bonded filter cartridge. The output was still to much for a betta, So I discovered that if you pull up on the intake tube the flow can be further slowed down. Attached a black fluval pre filter sponge. Now it is betta worthy, just a soft trickle and very quiet.

    The little tank is resting peacefully on the table, brewing a fishless cycle with a shot of Tetra Safe Start and a unpeeled raw shrimp.

    These marineland tanks get real bad reviews ... I am still hopeful and happy, :)
  2. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    Raw shrimp rotting in the tank... not a great way to cycle. You'd be better off with ammonia drops.

    That said, those tanks are totally workable. How is the light on it? I've read all about retrofitting the filter, but very little about the quality of the light.
  3. Et tuValued MemberMember

    I have ammonia, it's just that I will be on a job and will not be able to monitor ammonia levels for days at a time.
    The lights are 9 diodes of .33 watts 6500k and 3 diodes of blue.
  4. Bob EllisValued MemberMember

    I had that tank and I liked it, many reviews dislike the wiring because it is all in one and people found it tricky but in my experience it was easy to assemble and use. I've used it as it came for a female Betta with no trouble and it has served as a QT for smaller fish as well.

    My only complaint about the filter was that it blew the food all over the tank but by tweaking the bio-wheel I was able to make it slow about 20% and this helped.
  5. Tman2902Valued MemberMember

    Congratulations on the win! Can't wait to see pics when the tank is cycled.

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