I was bad

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  1. junebug

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    In addition to splurging on a group of Barbus hulstaerti this week, to add to my existing tiny group of boys (I now think they are all boys), I went and bought this guy.

    He's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Bred by a nice lady I know from the IBC, he's going to mostly be a pet, though I haven't counted out throwing him in a tank with one of my females to see what happens.

    I'm debating what tank I can feasibly set up for him, and what will look nice. I think I may put him in my 5 gallon Fluval Chi for now, though he's a true giant, so he may need a larger tank later in life, as he'll reach an adult size between 3 and 4 inches.
  2. Kasye

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    He's beautiful!
  3. Tonia

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    I love seeing "I was bad" posts from you, JB. Your "bads" are always the most intriguing and amazing new fish.

    This guy is absolutely gorgeous!!! I know you'll have an incredible home all ready for him.
  4. BornThisWayBettas

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    *Gasp* junebug, how could you?? :eek: Lol jk he's gorgeous! :)
  5. OP

    junebugFishlore LegendMember


    I am setting up the Chi for him now. I don't want to use the stock filter it came with - that thing is awful. I am just hunting around my equipment to see what I want to use - don't want something too obtrusive. I'm planning on a very sleek looking, NPT aquascaped tank that provides my new buddy plenty of swimming room, which he ought to need considering his giant-ness.

    He'll be getting an anubias for sure. Not sure how I'll mount it yet, but I will figure something out. The wood in his tank will not have any plants on it except perhaps some moss eventually. Debating whether I want bushy stem plants or rosettes for the planting in there... Rosettes will look nicer, but I don't really have anything on-hand.

    I do have some random plants from my scarlet badis tank I could add - they would have to be cleaned though, as that fish died and I'm not 100% sure what killed her. But I could take a dwarf lily from there, or perhaps the crypt and some of the various stems.

    Unfortunately the tanks I use a plant nurseries all have risk of camallanus worms at the moment, so I can't harvest any of the stuff I've been growing out in them. Pain in the butt.

    Perhaps some amazon frogbit would look nice in here... that's all from a clean tank.

    Anyway, opinions? Rosette-like plants and a moss tree, or bushy stems?
  6. OP

    junebugFishlore LegendMember

    I've had an idea! A bulb tank!

    I am now planning on the following - Madagascar lace, barclaya longifolia, Zephyranthes candida all over the background (it's a type of bulb but looks like grass), Aponogeton sp in the midground, and if anyone knows an extremely low growing bulb plant I could get for the foreground, that would be great. If not, I may plant some HC, mosses, or throw in a bunch of tiny marimo balls.
  7. Tonia

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    How hard are madagascar lace to grow? I 've always wanted some.
  8. OP

    junebugFishlore LegendMember

    No idea, but where the tank is, it gets plenty of sunlight. I'll keep an eye on it and add ferts/cO2 as necessary.
  9. Tonia

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    Best of luck with it! I will expect pictures as it grows along with your new gorgeous boy!
  10. OP

    junebugFishlore LegendMember

    This is the wood that's in there. Please ignore the rocks holding it down, the wood decided to float even though I boiled it. Pain in the butt. Anyway where the rocks are now, when the wood's fully bogged down, will be sand, making it look like three separate trunk-like things coming out of the play sand.

    I'm hoping to get enough Z. candida to hide the intake for the canister filter (I finally fixed my nano canister lol) and the heater. I emailed the guys at Bama Plants about their bulbs - they only sell sprouted bulbs, AND they are going to have some Barclaya next week. :D So I'll be ordering one of each Aponogeton they have, a bunch of Z. candida, and a madagascar lace. :) And if they have red barclaya of any kind, I'll be ordering that too :D

    DSCF8453 (1280x960).jpg
  11. Bijou88

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    He's beautiful! Can't wait to see your tank when it's finished. :)

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  12. Anders247

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    That's a gorgeous betta!
    As far as I know madagascar lace plants are supposed to be hard to take care of to answer your question shayla1.