i want to buiold a refugium for a fresh water tank housing discus planted coimmu

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    anyone have any ideas how to make a good one cheep or buy one
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    talk to Disc. he made a beautiful one :) good luck
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  5. crawler007New MemberMember

    who is Disc.
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    Disc61. if you go to my profile and go to my friends he's right there. he has a huge thread on making his big discus tank
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    Do you have a spare aquarium to use as a sump/refugium?

    The choice of an overflow box will depend on the pump you want to use (and vice versa) as they need to be closely matched. If the flow is too slow then you'll accumulate a large bubble in the U tube that will eventually stop the flow and cause a flood. If the flow is too strong, then the overflow may not be able to catch up and overfill your tank causing a flood. Overflow boxes should state a maximum flow rate and your pump should be close to that rate depending on your tank's height.

    The choice of pump will depend on the pump model/brand and the tank height. Usually, the pump's box should display the flow chart depending on height (head flow rates).

    If you're planning to drill your display tank then there would be no U tube and you'll only have to worry about the bulkhead diameter that can accomodate your pump.
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