I want to breed jack dempseys Help

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    i was wondering on how to breed jack dempseys but how do i get electric jacks? help!! thanks
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    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's come from breeding an EBJD and a Blue Gene Jack Dempsey.
    They also come from breeding 2 Blue gene jacks.
    Blue Gene jacks are a product of breeding an EBJD and a regular jd.
    Keeping the breeding fish unrelated will help promote a stronger gene pool. Resulting in a stronger EBJD. EBJD are prone to disease, a beak nose, and bad color patters. It is getting better though.
    Long term, you'll need patience, more tanks and dedication to maintaining water quality because blues need it. Most start out with a group of six or so. Raise those until you get a male or female(not as common) that stands out. Get some regular female jd's(or males if you've got a female ebjd) and watch for a pair. Once paired, remove all other fish. Be patient and hopefully they will spawn. You could always skip all this and purchase BG's and EBJD online. Just be careful as BG's look exactly like regular jd's. Do some research and you'll be fine. Rich