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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Stocking' started by Tigress Hill, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Tigress HillWell Known MemberMember

    So my mother and I were watching Finding Nemo last night, and after a few glasses of wine (not me of course!;D), she started talking about a saltwater tank again. Jumping on the rare opportunity, I joined the conversation.

    When talk came around to seahorses, I explained that they were difficult to care for and needed to be by themselves. She gave me a pouty face :eek:, and stated like a small child that she wanted them anyway.

    Now, as I lay about in my room and ponder how difficult exams will be tomorrow, a sudden longing for seahorses has come into my mind;) I knew this was coming, for when has my mother ever wanted anything to do with my hobby? So now the questions...

    Is it true that they need not be kept in any aquarium larger than 10 gallons due to their slow pace? If I get a 20 gallon sump, would it be easy enough to maintain water quality? How many horses should I get?

    I have already done saltwater research and know how to cycle a tank accordingly, though I've never actually tried it myself. As always, any assistance is greatly appreciated!:D
  2. YeoyWell Known MemberMember

    One of the shops here carries about 5 horses and 10 small clowns in a 10gal (i think). Obviously they overstock like every other shop, but thw clowns weren't bothering them. Very pricey though.

  3. Disc61Well Known MemberMember

    Hi Tigress, it is not true about nothing bigger than a 10 gl. now maybe i should clarify, i am no expert by any means, but maybe that refers to dwarf seahorses:confused: I do know that seahorses are kept in 55 gl tanks as i am researching myself, not very far at the moment. i believe Lorabell here on FL keeps seahorses and she keeps them in a 55 gl. i do understand them to be difficult and water conditions are key.

  4. scotty bWell Known MemberMember

    the dwarf seahorses can be kept 10- gallon tanks the main issues with them is they need live food constantly and great water conditions the issue ive herd of most is they will starve themselfs rather then eat live pods

  5. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    They can be kept in large tanks like 55s and often are in public aquariums, as long as they are not the dwarf variety. However, from what I understand they require slow or nil water movement, plenty of things to hang onto, and pristine water quality. They are also usually best kept to species-only tanks. Scotty may be right about the live food being required.
  6. Tigress HillWell Known MemberMember

    I see:) Aside from the dwarfs what size tank would be recommended? And what foods should be given?
  7. soarlValued MemberMember

    I've been interested in setting up a tall column type tank with Seahorse's and Pipefish. I don't think i'd want it to be my first saltwater endeavor though. They are a more advanced species to keep from what I've learned.
  8. scotty bWell Known MemberMember

    ive read the non-dwarfs can get to be about a foot tall so a large tank would be required
  9. Disc61Well Known MemberMember

    Yes, 8-10 inches is what i have read and my understanding is a 55gl minimum. ( non-dwarfs of course)
  10. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Wow. I had no idea.
    <=never seen an adult seahorse
  11. Mer-maxWell Known MemberMember

    I read somewhere about freshwater or maybe brackish sea horses. . . I was going to buy - I remember . . . But over night shipping had me bent over the couch . . .
  12. YeoyWell Known MemberMember

    I am sure there would be a brackish species somewhere. But as mentioned, I would not try these guys without some good SW handson experience.
  13. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Hi Tigress,
    Like all things salty, going in blind will result in troubles.

    Try the following link, it has some great info/advice about horsies!
  14. YeoyWell Known MemberMember

    Remember, if you get seahorses you will be obligated to post a million or so photos.. :)
  15. Mer-maxWell Known MemberMember

    Double possibly triple like ^^^
  16. Tigress HillWell Known MemberMember

    Of course!;)
  17. Tigress HillWell Known MemberMember

    I have a standard 15 gallon with an iron stand... could I put the dwarfs in there with a 33 tall sump?

    If I were to plant a mangrove tree (I think that's correct...), and groom it constantly to where it remained a shrub, should I be aware of any negative effects on the tank? What about saltwater "grasses"?
  18. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Looks like a good setup, though I'd consider a 33 display tank, with the 15 as a sump, and get even more horses! :D
    But then I don't know enough about horses to know if this would be a good idea. But I know Erica (e_watson09) has 29G Seahorse biotope, and I think lorabell also has 20 something setup of sea horses.
    Either way, 45G is a decent amount of water, and should help with stability.

    Mangrove tree? I haven't read of mangroves being used in marine, brackish yes, so not sure about that one.

    Sea grasses.... interesting idea. I don't know if they'd grow too well given the low nutrient level you'd probably be running. Too, most plant matter in SW is considered a weed and necessarily desirable.
  19. Tigress HillWell Known MemberMember

    I'd be concerned about the horses getting enough to eat in a 33 due to their size and speed:;sh The link you gave me suggested a 10 gallon as an advisable setup.
    I'll contact them:)
    I googled mangroves in saltwater, and it seems that it can be done sucessfully.
    Perhaps that would hinder their growth enough for them to not be pests. Can you give me a few examples?
  20. soarlValued MemberMember

    Interesting idea with the mangrove. I wonder if you could keep it trimmed and short like bonzi!
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