I Want More Fish, What Would You Recommend?

  1. Xsolidice Initiate Member

    I established my 75G, cycled it with a fishless cycle and old filter media from another tank, and everything is good to go! About 2 weeks ago I put in 4 juvenile (about an inch or so) blue acaras, and 2 koi angels (1 inch long, maybe 3 inches tall). They all seem to get along just fine. I threw in 7 of my Khuli loaches that I had in my 29G, and they literally sleep under the acaras in the driftwood and fake logs. They all get along swimmingly.

    Soooo, now what? I want a pleco or 2. I was thinking of getting a red spotted severum, but I feel like it might outgrow the community of acaras and angels. I know they'll get along ok, but a 12 inch fish is still quite big compared to the rest. What would you get next?

    I was thinking about 2 firemouths, but they don't usually get along with angels. Some german blue rams maybe? A catfish type fish? I'm a fan of variety, but I don't want to get just 1 fish without at least giving it an opportunity for it to pair up.. I know, hopeless romantic and all, but we all need a friend, you know? :)
  2. Retro Initiate Member

    Definitely some oto cats to prevent/maintain algae, corydoras and bristlenoses for floor maintenance, rope fish are cool, and albino ghost knives look awesome.
  3. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't do ropefish or knifefish.
    Firemouths would be fine.
  4. Xsolidice Initiate Member

    I like where your head is at.. you're talking right up my alley of interesting fish. The ropefish are sweet looking, I just don't want anything to mess with my khuils. I know cories would be fine with everyone, but they're just so.. common and plain? Maybe a clown loach or 2. But man they get pretty big too, and I wouldn't want them to confuse a khuli for a blood worm. I actually have a few otos I can transfer from my 29G to my 75. I just don't want to get a severum or even a full grown acara or firemouth down the road and have them see the oto as a bite sized snack.
  5. Xsolidice Initiate Member

    Why not? I have legit never really researched them
  6. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    They wouldn't be good tankmates for the other fish you want, imo.
  7. Retro Initiate Member

    Yeah, a ropefish would prolly treat those kulli's like tasty little gummi worms. Oto's may even be on the menu for um after awhile. I had a ropefish years back and was good for monthes til i kept waking up to missing fish and him swimming around with that smug look on his face.