I want a Blue tang


HI Folks,
Newbie here. I have some experience (always dangerous) from years ago and decided to set up a Saltwater tank. Set up is two months now, all parameters are good! 75g, 50-60lbs LR, Live Sand, Marineland 360 external filter, Ramora Power Pro Skimmer, 2 power heads. Fish: 5 b/green chromis, two clowns, blennie, Kole, and Foxface. Some hermits,cleaner shrimp and a few tiny "test" polups. I will add a few corals down the road. Everything is going great, but I can't live without a Blue Tang! I know I will need a quarantine tank, fight ich etc. My question is, will the Blue Tang get along with the Kole and foxface? It's a peaceful tank now and I would like to keep it that way. Though my firt post I have been reading for a few months and this site has been a great help to me in building what I have thus far Thanks!


hI and welcome to fishlore!

I don't keep saltwater tanks, so I can't answer your question, but there are lots of great members here that can help you!


yes you can keep them along the blue tang is like the biggest wimp of all tangs very shy and scared

you should also get a protein skimmer for such a large tank

Hope you don't mind I merged your back to back posts. The edit button in the bottom right hand corner is great for adding to previous posts.


I have a hippo and a kole together in my 118 and they get along just fine. Never have a problem


75 is a little small for multiple tangs. What particular species are you wanting? A Powder Blue, Regal Blue?

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