I Think This Is My Final Decision But Not Certain


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I have a 65 gallon aquarium that I would like to plant and run it as a community tank. Please leave some suggestions of things like if this is a good list, how it can be changed and why. Thanks, Jon
Stocked inside will be:
6x khuli loach

3 pearl gourami

2 brittlenose pleco

4 swordtails

2 silver molly

2 black molly

12 zebra danio

4 sunburst platy

any other good fish to maybe replace the khuli because I cant decide if I like them.


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i won't comment on your stocking because i haven't had experience with many species but you should TOTALLY get kuhli loaches! they are adorable and so much fun to watch! like sea snakes. the pile up on each other for food during feeding, they climb plants and decorations, they let you know if a storm is coming...

But you should add them last because they need a fully cycled tank and thrive in established tanks.

just my 2 cents. we have 11 and we adore them.


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Your stocking looks good in my opinion. But you might want to up the numbers for some of them, but some of the temperature ranges the fish prefer dont match up. Platys and zebra danios like the low 70's and everything else likes the higher range 70's.
Pearl gouramis if kept in a group would do better in groups of 5 or more. Kuhlis have a pretty low bio-load and are a lot less shy when in big groups. I would do something such as:

5x Pearl Gouramis
12x Kuhli Loaches
1x Bristlenose Pleco
12-15x Harlequin Rasboras
3x Siamese Algae Eaters (Best algae eaters ever)

You could for sure switch out the kuhli's for another type of botia, but instead keep 5. The pleco could be switched out for any other species that likes higher temps and stays 6" or less. Almost any rasbora species would work, same thing with tetras, just keep the same number. The siamese algae eaters I recommend because in my experience they eat almost any algae and if need be they will take small pellets and blanched veggies. But if you cant get ahold of them then look into a group of otos. Some other ideas are nerites, a few as in 5 would be a good addition if algae is a problem, amano shrimp are also a good idea. They're really hardy and not in any harm by the other fish, they're great at eating leftover food and some harder to get rid of algae.
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