I think something is wrong... *updated w/ video*


Hello again guys... oh I'm not having a good time at the minute...

I *think* maybe somethings up with my male neon blue... he was fine when I went to bed last night... but when I woke up today he was swimming really close to the surface gulping in air for a couple of hours, he refused his food, and when he is swimming, it's kinda "juddery" - like when a car accidentally stalls and jerks for a few seconds...

Other than that he seems fine, he's swimming about more now than earlier... although I have noticed that when he gulps in the air from the surface, it comes out through his gills as air bubbles almost immediatly... any ideas... (i'll try and supply a video in a second)...

Well, I watched the videos back (sorry about the quality), but they don't really seem to show what I mean... maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I did all the water tests, and that's all fine, and all the other fish seem fine!


Thanks guys,
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...too late guys, he's gone! :'(

something was definitely up - I put him in my QT tank in the hope that he'd last long enough that I could get to the pet store tomorrow and buy some medicine, but I came into the room about 5 minutes ago, and he'd gone from bright blue (in the videos) to a very sludgy grey colour, and he was on his side twitching and flicking... and breathing very very rapidly...

I couldn't bear to see him suffering so I decided to euthanise him, I hope I did the right thing!


Well you definitely did the right thing in euthanizing him. I had one who died for no apparant reason so it happens, but you did the right thing in putting him down.


That's very sad... At least your other fish didn't get infected.

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