i think our molly is about to have her babies (tonight) please help!

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by fluffy_angel, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. fluffy_angelNew MemberMember

    as i said i think she's very close to having her babies and need any advice you can give.
    my daughter (8 years old) has 2 female mollies (both pregnant), and 1 male, molly, Polly and bob, Polly is trying to hide & stays really still for a while, then jerks a little then stays still for a while. bob is chasing her more than ever and molly is trying to distract him. Polly's breathing is a tiny bit heavier than the other 2. and isn't very interested in food.
    has she started labour?
    i have a breeding net which is more than double the size of a guppy breeding trap, should i put her in the breeding net? i know that if i do there will be more chance of her eating the babies but she will be left alone. i don't want to put her in too early as we lost 2 guppies & 1 molly through the stress of being put in the traps (both guppies were in a guppy trap (separately))
    is there anything i can do?
    any advice would be really appreciated
  2. JasonWell Known MemberMember

    She is probably very close to having the babies, you'd need to try and distract the others a bit. Do you have many hiding places in your tank where she can be not bothered. I'm not sure if you should put her in right away. I dont personally, I wait until a see a baby then I put her in and scoop up the baby. Only because Ive heard that she might not have her babies in there if she is too stressed. :-\
  3. fluffy_angelNew MemberMember

    thank you for your response.
    i didn't want to put her in the net because i thought it might stress her out too much. i keep checking on her and she's OK, no fry yet, i just hope she has them while I'm still awake.
    my daughter bought both female mollies 11 days ago and they were already pregnant so i have no idea how pregnant they are, i purchased some plants online so that i can make a small part of the tank fairly well planted for them to hide in and so that if any fry are born and i don't get chance to separate them before they get eaten, they will at least have somewhere to hide from the other fish, but the plants haven't arrived yet (typically) and I'm a stress-head at the best of times.
    as for distracting the other fish, every time bob starts chasing one of the girls the other one chases him, gives him a nudge and he starts chasing that one, they seem to have some pretty good team work going.
    thanks again
  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Do you have any artificial plants you could just drop in the tank? They will hide in those also. I have some floating in my guppy tanks.
  5. fluffy_angelNew MemberMember

    unfortunately not, but they should be here tomorrow (although they were supposed to be yesterday, i hate my local post office!!!!!) so hopefully she'll hold on for another day, bless her!
    she is hiding in some strange shaped wood at the moment but that means we can't see her to check on her.

    i am having no luck with plants! i bought some floating plant at the same time as the mollies, but lost it on the way home, then tried to buy some on eBay but that was eaten before i got chance to buy it so i never got that load, then the ones i am waiting for came Saturday while i was out, which is very rare that i am out of the house as i have a seriously ill daughter that is unable to go anywhere very often (they are her fish), so arranged a re-delivery on Monday morning but couldn't get it before Tuesday and of course it still hasn't arrived and i have just rang the post office again and they said it'll be tomorrow. fingers crossed!
  6. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Hang in there!!!