I Think My New Betta Has Fin Rot!! :((( Help

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    I just got a betta fish from the fish store for six dollars yesterday and this is my first time keeping a betta..
    I have a six gallon cycled tank with a heater (currently at 78f) with 4 amano shrimp that were already in there before i got the betta.
    I just noticed a slight tear in his tail... i cant really remember if the tear was already there at the fish store, or if this is something new.
    Is this fin rot??? And if so will clean water at a nice temperature (78f) be enough to naturally cure him?? I really dont like dosing the tank with anything. Please help!!!!
    Oh and when i got the betta, he was in a tiny cup and the water was almost lime green... the pet store guy swore it was because of almond leaves but i think it may have been really really bad quality water. Could that have made my betta sick?

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    Leaves turn the water brown, fish waste turns it green. :) unless it's radioactive green then it *migh* be an alge bloom. Poor guy on here did that with a big tank.

    anyways, daily 50% water changes will clear up finrot. It's minor so you don't need to worry about meds or salt. Just stay on top of water changes.
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    Thank you!!