I think my Molly fry are starving themselves.

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Axelle, Nov 28, 2012.

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    My black molly just gave birth last week. We bought a little one gal to use as a nursery, so that the fry wouldn't be stuck in the breeding net and because we have another molly that's pregnant right now, too. I set up the tank, conditioned it using the water from the larger tank, and all the fry transitioned fine. They were swimming around, healthy and eating, for days.

    Now, however, only one of the fry seems to be swimming around. I know fry like to hide by burying themselves in the gravel, and when I cleaned the tank and did the water change, like six of them popped up from between the rocks. But, I also found two in the gravel that had died.

    Like I said, only one is swimming around and coming up for food. All the rest are staying hidden and I'm worried that they're not eating. There's too much food being left at the bottom that I have to keep cleaning out. I leave the food that's settled on the rocks over-night, in the hopes that they'll come out when it's dark to peck at it, but then I have to clean it in the morning and it doesn't seem like any of it has been eaten.
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    How large are the flakes that you are feeding them I used to mush up a load of flakes with some fish tank water and then add a drop or two depending on the amount of fry (sometimes I added cooked egg yolk to this). How often are you doing water changes small tanks tend to be hard to keep stable. Try not to overfeed them too much some overfeeding in inevitable due to their size but they will also be eating things we just cant see. Is the tank heated? Is there any kind of filtration in there?

    Edit: there is also liquid fry food you can buy pretty cheaply too. I find this stuff very messy but it is probably better than home made stuff.
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    I used a spare mortar and pestle (I'm a baker and use them to grind sugar, but the spare one was very clean and hadn't been used for a long while) to grind the tropical fisk flakes small and fine, almost like a lumpy powder. I was feeding them only a small pinch of it three times a day, but since the extra food started settling to the bottom, I cut down the amount. About the amount to what would fit on a pen tip, I think.

    is the tank I'm keeping them in. There's an air pump, but no filter. I do a 25% water change on both tanks every week and use a pump to vaccuum the gravel and remove any waste. With the little tank, though, I use a small net to collect the excess food and gently stir up the top layer of rocks.

    Our tanks aren't heated, but we live in south Florida. It never really gets any lower than about 75F even during the winter. Right now, it's 79F. We've pretty much got tropical weather year round here.
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    If food is landing on the bottom it sounds like too much. If you are using flake, I would crush it into almost a powder consistancy.