I think it is a RCS...or something else???

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Okay, I blame Cichlidnut for getting me hooked on the idea that RCS would be good in my ELB tank...

I was at my lfs on Thursday and came across two lonely shrimp in a tank of guppies. They are extremely dark, and I have read that there are Fire Red Cherry, Tiawan Cherry, Sakura Cherry...ugh...too much for a shrimp newbie to sort out so I figured it would be good to take it to the community that I know can help me solve this mystery...FL. Oh, and both of the shrimp are berried females, according to the lfs.

I could only catch a pic of one, the other was camera shy...what do you think...regular RCS or some variation?

scotty b
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that looks to me like a rcs and it dose appear to be berried b4 you think of shrimp ammonia must be at 0.00 fore rcs and copper is deadly and most foods have copper
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HI Scotty...thanks for the reminder about water parameters. Mine have been at 0/0/5 for three months and there is already an amano who has been happily residing there for two months. I test the water twice a week and change 20% at least once a week. I use NLS and Omega One (plus frozen thawed goodies) for food and have checked and doubled checked ingredients and they do not list copper as an ingredient. I also only use API Leaf Zone for fertilizer because Flourish Comprehensive actually lists .0001% copper so I figured I could not use it (FlourishTrace lists .0005% so I don't use that either). I think I have a shrimp friendly ecosystem going or I would not have gotten them. Any other advice on keeping them healthy and happy is also welcome!
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Give them lots of places to hide.
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They have driftwood, several rock caves and a clump of java moss that takes up almost 1/3 of the tank...is that okay or do I need more? They LOVE my prefilter sponge too!
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Sounds perfect.
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As AP said, sounds perfect!
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Rcs are okay with a 5ppm nitrate level right? And how long until a berried female has shrimplets? I have my elb timed out and they are almost 23 days between brood every time.

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