I think I over cleaned

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    Hi. I had my betta in a 5 g and thought I wanted more fish. So I added a couple cory cats. After transferring to a ten gallon, with all my media. (Previous tank about 4 months old and cycled) I got the two Cory's and everything was ok. I was worried the Cory's weren't getting any food because my betta never lets anything hit the ground so I got the hikari wafers. Now I'm spiking ammonia, a little every day. 1.0 ppm today. 0 nitrites and 5 nitrates. The tank is lightly to moderately planted. I'm. not sure if it's the 2 added fish plus food or that I may have cleaned the gravel a little too good. After the transfer. I bought some seachem stability but that isn't doing jack. I always dose accordingly with Prime and have a fluval u1 internal filter. I cut the sponge that comes with it in half and put my old media filter and ceramic pellets in the extra space. Recently I took out one pad as it was clogging the works. Should I just keep up the daily partial water changes for awhile and give up on the stability?
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    Stability does work, but it doesn't work miracles. Stability adds in and boosts your beneficial bacteria. It speeds up the cycling process. From what I see I think you have 2 main problems....

    First, I am not a fan of the internal filters. They are not as efficient as HOB or canister filters. They usually have very little space for beneficial bacteria to colonize. It may do ok for the 1 betta, but adding in 2 other fish basically tripled the bioload in a short period of time. Stability will help it get caught up. You also may want to supplement that filter with a sponge filter run by an air pump. The combo should do good for you.

    Second, it sounds like you may be over feeding. Remember fish stomachs are roughly the size of their eyeball. So that is all they need for a day. For 2 cories, I would think 1/4th of a wafer would be ideal for 1 day, and maybe skip a day. Also, you may want to get some bottom feeder pellets that are a bit smaller and sink quickly. This way you could target feed the cories easier and limit the portion to 1 or 2 pellets per fish.

    I would keep following the Stability directions like you were putting it in a new tank. Monitor things, and give it a week or so.
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    Sounds like you have a mini cycle going on with taking out one of the filter pads.

    id keep up with 20% at least w/cs everyday honestly...

    stick around for some other answers, though, as I'm not familiar with bettas so much, especially with other fish.
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    Yeah, wow, I am overfeeding. My betta is like a dog with yummy treats and in trying to get some to sink for the Cory's, I probably did. I got the internal so there'd be no holes in my lid. I lost a betta once from jumping out. It's rated for 15 gallons so I think it might be ok. I'll see how it goes.

    what can I put inside that filter? It's a generous space. It just came with a sponge, about 2x4 in. Which didn't look like it was good for anything but mechanical filtration. That's why I cut it in half and put in a few ceramics in a little mesh bag, that I had in shoved between my old cartridge filter in place of the charcoal after it wore out. However when you open the filter now, that sponge is pretty brown. Maybe that's all it needs.