I think I just killed my shrimp and snail

  1. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    I was told at the pet store to use algaefix to control my out of control algae. So I read the part that describes dosing. I added the algaefix. Then sat down and read the rest of the bottle CAUTION: do not use Algaefix with freshwater crustaceans, including shrimp, crabs and lobsters.

    I panicked, looked in my tank and Mr. Shrimpy is going ballistic! I quickly grabbed a one gallon bowl and added water, then scooped Mr. Shrimpy out and put him in the bowl.

    I don't know what will kill him quicker an un-cycled bowl or the algaefix.

    And what about Mr. Snail?
  2. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Put the snail in the 1gal bowl to. Don't use that medication anymore. After two days do a 50% water change and you will be able to put the snail and shrimp back in. Did you take the media filter out?
  3. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    I would do a massive water change ASAP regardless, especially if the snail is still in there. It might be safe to put the shrimp back once you've diluted enough of the algaefix, but hopefully someone else will reply as I've never kept shrimp. Good luck though :-\
  4. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Thank you. I did take the media out and put it in the the one gal. I cannot get the snail to let go of the glass. He's now buried himself in the substrate
  5. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Put the media back in, so it can take the chemicals out, but also do a water change. When you want to add the shrimp and snail back is when you do the water change. Do it 5 hours before you wanna add, so you can make sure it's out.
  6. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Thank you.
  7. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Carbon in the filter will absorb the medication. If you can, take the 'floss' off the filter pad and place in the bucket. (This will help your fish so they dont suffer from ammonia etc) Ammonia is very bad w/ shrimp. I would do an immediate water change, and again tomo. Leave the carbon in if you can, but I would say its more important in your bucket. (Its worth digging your snail out even if you destroy your scape. It could very well save him.


    2nd opinion, please

    Place the filter floss w/ bacteria in the bucket.

    Place carbon in tank to remove medication.

    Dont put carbon w/ medication in with shrimp/ snails.

    But a 2nd one if possible.
  8. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    I'm not worried about the scape, but once my snail grabs hold of the glass I cannot get him to let go, I've tried and I feel like I'm going to kill him if I just keep pulling or twisting
  9. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Good news, shrimp and snail made it. I did a big water change and pulled out everything to scrub the algae off (hope that wasn't detrimental). Looks clean finally.

    Before the water change tonight

    ph 7.6
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 10

    So... The scrubbing of plants took forever but I did it.

    Filter went kaput - good thing I have a back up... I managed to cram all the filter media from the last filter in with the new filter media to slow the current (don't have a bottle for the baffle trick).

    Ugh learning lessons.
  10. Skyy2112 Member Member

  11. Brizburk Well Known Member Member


    After the fiasco!
  12. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Lovin the tank!
  13. Daniel W Member Member

    Wow! It looks really nice!
  14. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! My plants look healthy for now lol. My anubias has new growth, guess that's good. Just hope the algae doesn't over run my tank again, if it does - no algae fix!!!
  15. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Theres plenty of ways to combat algae. I just left a huge huge tip for someone. If you remind me later today I'll tag you the post.
  16. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    I'd love to read your posts on algae.
  17. Skyy2112 Member Member

    I tagged you into another post. Hope you found it
  18. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Oh geez lol not yet but I'll go search. Thank you :)
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    Thank you