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I Think All Of My Baby Mystery Snails Are Ivory.

Discussion in 'Snails' started by kjw0916, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. kjw0916Valued MemberMember

    The female was ivory but both a blue and ivory mated with her. I was hoping for some blues that I could eventually mate with a magenta and maybe come out with some purple ones. The only place I can find purple right now is Ebay and I'm not really sure if the sellers are trustworthy. I looked for snail groups in my area and it doesn't seem like there are any. Or I just searched completely wrong. Anyway, I attached a picture of one of the little guys. They are adorable. 20190617_205101.jpg
  2. vivianaNew MemberMember

    There are some facebook groups dedicated to aquatic snails, I've seen a few members who are selling purple mystery snails. If you do decide to look into these groups please make sure to read the rules, facebook has been cracking down on some of the aquatic groups for making posts advertising live animals. There is no harm in asking for recommendation on where to buy some, from what I've seen people will pm you or tag sellers who might have what your looking for.