I think a few villages have lost their idiots.

Discussion in 'Everythingzen' started by Everythingzen, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Fish keeping itself is extremely relaxing, we all know. Such a peaceful hobby. If only dealing with people related to it was as satisfying. Sigh.

    Complaint 1: Hagen. I think, and this is just an assumption, that they've hired these idiots those villages have lost. I've written to them twice now and each time I've got a reply that was automated and not relating to my questions. Not only that, but after the first auto reply I replied back only to receive the very same auto reply back! Why have customer service if a human is not going to read it? Now I'm cranky, and, well, I'm not gonna be apologetic for letting them know! I read their copy and paste automated and irrelevant reply the first time. The second time, it was still irrelevant, and it was insulting as I really thought someone was reading these things!

    Complaint 2: I ordered something from a relatively well known website here, paid, waited... Waited... Waited... I'm still waiting. I can receive things from overseas quicker than I can from interstate. And communication with said site sees tumbleweeds drifting down the main street. I'm very frustrated! This might be some of the Hagen frustration transposing itself. Still...

    And finally, not really a complaint; more just a giggle at some random idiocy:

    Are they gold plated airstones or something? I bought one exactly the same for approximately 85cents.

    Feel a little better for having vented all that.

    PS :;bb to Hagen!
  2. Sometimes ranting and raving and venting just feels good !

    As for idiots, villages keep loosing them, but they always can find replacments....:;2cents
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    Venting is good therapy!!!
  4. OP

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    I'm about to totally lose my temper with this inept piece who I ordered the almond leaves from. I ordered almost a month ago. I email her. No reply. Status of order is still 'processing'. Processing what???? Complex differential equations? Julius Caesar and the third triumvirate? How to shove some flamin leaves into a freaking envelope and scribble an address on? One of my betta actually really need these at the moment. Good thing this forum doesn't tolerate swearing... This could have got real ugly. I promise it won't, too, if the darn lady just gives me a date that she'll post the cursed things.

    Today, people suck.
  5. J.M.S.

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    Did you order them from someone is Australia or someone out of the county?
  6. OP

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    Someone in aus. That makes it even more frustrating!
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