I survived ich with some loses and I'm looking to replace my fallen fish Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by sambofish, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I have a 56 gallon tall tank planted dirt tank. Originally I had 4 angelfish (adults), 3 gouramis (adults), 3 BN plecos , 1 dwarf snydotis, 1 school of black neon tetras and 1 school of Madagascar rainbows. My tank came down with Ich two weeks ago and because of the BN and catfish I treated with heat and frequent WC (40% every 2 days). I lost most of my rainbows (3 left out of 8) earlier on and I thought I had saved everyone else. However, on the last WC (sunday) my gouramis died. surprisingly my Angelfish survived unscathed ( I thought they would be the one's to go first. I am going to keep the heat on for another 10 days with frequent WC. However, once that's done I want to restock my tank. I am definitely getting more Madagascar Rainbow and maybe adding some MTS to the tank. I am however up in the air about the gouramis and I've been thinking of adding Bolivian rams or GBR to the tank instead. I know GBR are more vibrant but harder to keep than BR's. I wanted to know what you guys think?
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    I would try to figure out what caused the ich new fish stress but.

    On the other hand i cant tell you much about GBR
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    Luke- it was a ph imbalance that stressed the fish, which I stabilized and fixed.
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    Ok well as long as you have it figured out thats good. The only Gouramis i have experience with are Blue Gouramis and they have been getting along with all of my fish inlcuding my angels
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    After you leave the heat on for another 10 days, I would recommend to wait a week until adding new fish so that you can make sure that the Ich is not coming back.

    I would add you Rainbow school back up, then add a pair of GBR's. They are so much prettier than Bolivian Rams and give the tank more better color. But before adding them, make sure that your tank is well established and that your parameters are stable and the water clean. GBRs are sensitive but not as sensitive as some people say. Mine were pretty hardy fellas. It's your choice though, either Rams would be a great addition to the tank.