I suddenly came to own 800 gallon fresh water aquarium but have zero knowledge

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    Hi friends : I have always thought I would have an aquarium but so far have no knowledge of experience of it. The thing is my dream of owning aquarium realized sooner than I thought when I bought a new house a month ago. The house has 800 gallon fresh water aquarium built in the wall. He told me there are about 150 African cichlids fishes in there. The previous owner was having it taken care by local company. The company is asking me a charge of 300-500 dollars every month to check it once a month and to bring supplies. I will d this for some time but can't afford to continue this. I like to learn how to take care of the aquarium by myself and decrease the cost. Pleas throw me ideas - anything is helpful as I am totally brand new to the subject.
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    Welcome to Fishlore :)
    Wow that's an amazing size tank to have inherited!
    Texas has given you a useful link, there's also the Fishlore e book which has lots of info here
    Any questions you have I'm sure the members will be able to help you with, especially our cichlid keepers, so just ask.
    Don't forget some pics of the tank, we like pics :)

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    garbn21 New Member Member

    Thank you!
    I don't know but going to read your link. Appreciated!
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    Wow one should be so lucky! Well if he had cichlids and that size tank, it sounds like its been established for awhile! Congratulations!
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    Beautiful! Even more jealous now :)
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    Beautiful tank, I bet the previous owner was sad to leave it behind
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    That is stunning!!! I am so jealous :)

    Well you definitely picked the right Forum! You're going to get wonderful support on here!

    That is a pretty huge monthly payment for maintenance! I don't blame you for wanting to learn to do it yourself!

    Congrats on the new tank!!
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    I would not wanna change 400 gallons of water per week. Wow! What a job. Man that is a gorgeous aquarium. But 3-500 dollars a month. It looks well maintained. My advice pay close attention to how they maintain it, so you can do it yourself. Welcome to fishlore and good luck
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    That's amazing I allways wanted something like that ... Do you know the species you have ... Maby we could help you identify some of them so you can understand their behavior better
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    Wow, most can only dream about owning a tank that size and it really is stunning! You're so lucky!
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    Yeah and that 3 - 500 dollars was for a monthly visit and not weekly! So was the previous owner doing work on it as well? Or else maybe it is set up where it only needs monthly water changes...it looks like it might be pretty high tech!
    garbn21 you should share some pics of what's behind those walls!! I bet it's pretty amazing back there...or under there, too!
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    Probably got an automatic python water changer. May only have to do a monthly gravel vacuum.
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    There is a big filter in the back. I will share the pics soon

    @joiakmfish - all I know for now is African cichlids. I will try to figure out the details
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    Oh my goodness, that's my DREAM right there!! Congrats. And there was me thinking my 26gallon built in was good!
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    Subbing. That's quite the tank, and the payments came with a house built around it ;)
  18. Dave125g

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    I always wanted to know. What's it like lo live at sea world?
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    I have to follow this. Amazing tank.
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    I would definitely learn how the filtration system on that works inside and out. The biggest part of keeping fish is just keeping the water clean and stable. Awesome setup!