I saw Endlers for the first time1

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I went to a (new to me) local fish store. There was a tank with brightly colored little fish that resembled small guppies. The sign on the tank said 'Endlers'.

Since I had read about Endlers Livebearers here on the forum I wasn't quite sure of what they were. I thought maybe they were a breed of swordtail or something.

I'm glad that I got to see them. The store only had males. Is this common?
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I've never seen them either deedee, except here, of course, they're pretty fish.
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We've had Endlers since we first picked up some back in Nov. Right now, we're down to 3 adult females and 1 fry that somehow missed getting bagged. I've not seen any in the stores around here. What LFS did you go to?
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I have never seen endlers in any store...but they really look like the guppies that I started out fish keeping many many ( did I say many?) years ago..lol When I was just about 6 we had small guppies that had very bright colored spots and thin sword tails ( or double swords) on them. That started it all and here I am 40 some odd years later with 4 tanks now...lol
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I'll see guppy/endler hybrids being sold as gups at stores sometimes.
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I'll see guppy/endler hybrids being sold as gups at stores sometimes.

Easy for you to say, you can tell the difference, they look like guppies to me.
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LOL.. Well, look at some pics of Endlers online and you'll see the 'splotchy paint' type of coloring. The Guppy/Endler hybrids that I see sold as gups have that kind of coloring to their body.

Easy for you to say, you can tell the difference, they look like guppies to me.
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I've not seen any in the stores around here. What LFS did you go to?

I went to Seascape Aquatics in Colorado Springs.
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Cool, I'll have to stop in there next time I'm down in the Springs.
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It is very common to see males only in your LFS. Females are very drab and have no color.
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I have one male endler and two females, they are still yuong but the male is really pretty, the females aren't as pretty but I still like them alot,
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The reason there are only males is if they give you females then you can start selling your own endlers( which sell for a nice price for livebearers). That is atleast if you breed them.
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My LFS had them in only once, and like you, I've only seen them mentioned here prior. So of course I had to buy some - 2M 2F. When I did some tank restocking a while back I returned them, but there was 1 female who I simply could not catch as hard as I tried, so she stayed in my tank. A week or so later I have a ton of fry swiming in the tank - ok that's nice. Now that some of the males from that batch have matured they've gone on to get the females from that batch fertilized as well. And then they dumped their fry...and so for.

Man...these Endler's sure love to make babies! I love the males though just because they try to impress ANY female in the tank regardless of species.
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The first time I saw endlers was last week, for the first time the LFS had them. And I was suprised by the size and the colour, from far they looked like some small tetras. They are really beautiful though.
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I've got 10 male Endlers in a 10g, and it's one of my favourite tanks I had to look long and hard for them (I've so far found only 3 stores in a 1.1-million population city) and they definitely weren't cheap. The females were also readily available; where I buy them they resembled a small guppy female and were pale silver, sometimes with a bit of black. Originally I wanted a guppy tank, but I'd read too much about how local guppies are so inbred now that they tend to be very fragile and die soon, so after debating various livebearers I decided on these. To me they don't look anything like guppies, they're half the size with completely different finnage and markings. The dorsal fins are elongated and the tails are various shapes. Mine are less than an inch long and don't look anything like any of the pictures I've seen here even. I've got four that are white with random spots of neon orange and a bit of black, three that are splotched in neon yellow and orange, and three that are bright yellow and white with black 'freckles' and long plumy tails. I've tried to get some decent pics but they never stop moving and my camera doesn't take good shots of moving objects...still a lot of pics of tiny blurry dots but I'll keep trying...
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A few months ago I purchased some feeder fish from the LPS a few towns over. The owner claimed that all he had was feeder platties. I personaly didn't care what I got since I was using them to cycle a tank that was gonna house guppies, mollies and platties. For that reason I didn't even look at them till I got home. Most of the fish were mollies, a few platties, and several endler/guppy mix. After my 100 gal tank was cycled I removed the fish that I didn't want, and put them in my turtle tank. My turtle has eaten MOST of the endler/guppy mix. In fact all buy 2 males are gone. I have a few more empty tanks here, and am thinking about going back to that LPS to get another couple doz feeders. I'm gonna have a cichlid tank soon, and will need feeder fish anyway. If I can get a 20 stocked with these endler/gup mix that saves me having to use my larger stock in my 100 gal for feeders. It will also allow me to start feeding live fish sooner since they are all soo much smaller than my other adault livebearers.
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I just saw Endler's online...they are beautiful.. I would not mind having some of them in my community tank.. I have been searching everywhere..the only place I found them for sale was Aquabid.
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endlers are small in every way to guppies. the male are more elongated in shape and they are smaller than male guppies.

the obvvious 1 is the neon clours
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I have tons of endler's in my lab. We were supposed to get an order of guppies to run the experiment on, but instead we got tons and tons of endlers lol.
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Endlers are very cool looking fish. Our local petsmart actually sells endlers. They are so much smaller than guppies and for that reason, I just never bought them, but they sure are brightly colored and gorgeous little fish! ;D
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Endlers were the very first aquarium fish that I ever saw. They are what got me into the hobby wayyyyyyy back when Neat fish.
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I have 5 Endlers plus a newborn fry that was born yesterday!

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