I Only Have A Carbon Sponge Filter, Help!!!

  1. emmasfish Initiate Member

    so my freshwater indian dwarf puffer has a fungal infection so i picked some stuff up from my lfs; the problem is that i only have a carbon filter for the sponge filter i have running and i don't have any cycled filters i can use right now. if i take the sponge off will it mess up my cycle? this is the first time i've had to use any medication for a fungal infection and i just want to make sure it works right. thank you!!
  2. Ryan b12 Initiate Member

    I would put carbon filter in a bowl of your fish water and run filter without it while meds are working on tank.

  3. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Is the carbon inside the sleeve of the sponge? If so, make a slit along the top of the sponge with scissors, empty the carbon out and place back into the filter.
    And, Welcome to fishlore! :)
  4. emmasfish Initiate Member

    i actually found a spare hob filter that I'm running now with cycled material in it :) the sponge itself was a carbon sponge, which, was kind of weird to me when i was buying it but it seems to be working fine. Also, thank you!!