I Never Feed My Bristlenose Plecos

Discussion in 'Pleco - Plecostomus' started by happyscrub, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. happyscrub

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    I've had them for at least 5 months and I only fed them once a few weeks ago. I've tried to feed them, but it's impossible because I got a bunch of rosy reds that devour everything and then root around to find everything they miss. But I got a TON of algae which I got them for, so they've been surviving on that.

    I was worried about them not eating but I kept seeing them poop so I just let them do their own thing. But I did put a piece of zucchini in and they kind of fought over it.
  2. Michael.j.gomez

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    Hello, plecos are omnivores. Algae & veggies alone are insufficient. You might get some shrimp pellets or wafers.
    They are also nocturnal so if you drop in food after lights out they will find it when tankmates are inactive(once they get big enough they will protect food). Hope this helps you! 20190501_065455.jpg20190401_190630.jpg
  3. LilHoodoo

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    I opt for canned green beans (cut / no salt) and shrimp pellets. every other day a small handfull of beans and pellets every other feeding - they're spawning like mad! I drain the can and keep in the fridge with the lid pressed down snug...
  4. OhDaniGirl

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    I love watching my little bristlenose go after green beans. If any of the other fish get too close, he'll swing his big tail (he's a longfin) like a bat to shoo them away. :p
  5. manning7987

    manning7987Valued MemberMember

    Try and feed them algae discs.
  6. pagoda

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    My Pleco covets his carrot...loves his carrot....and no-one else gets close to his carrot...its HIS carrot :)

    Anyone who dares to get too close to his carrot he generally smacks them around the face with his tail :eek:
  7. angelcraze

    angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    What type of pleco?

    Some types eat more veggie than others.

    I add food after the lights are off and place it in a big bunch of plants or in their cave so my angels don't try to steal their food.

    Agreed, my bushynose are pretty good at fending off all the fish at this point. So funny to watch them swoop their side face spikes and swish their tails. It's a big deal when the pleco finds his food lol.
  8. pagoda

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    My Pleco is meant to be Common but he is too pale and spotty (compared to my previous Commons over the years who have all been browny black and menacing...and they hated carrot)....so I think mine could be a hybrid Heinz 57 :)
  9. manning7987

    manning7987Valued MemberMember

    A common and a green phantom. I think all plecos eat algae discs. C8C24E8B-9F75-4323-AF4D-D4F95A89064B.jpegCBF740CB-B7D5-4624-B9F6-DF8A2C53F671.jpeg
  10. angelcraze

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    Algae disks have meaty protein as well, but also contain algae, mostly algae. Plecos like clown, tiger and others prefer meaty foods over algae. Most plecos will eat more algae when they are young as well and move on to meatier food as they age. I used to feed my tiger plecos shrimp pellets and the odd algae wafer, my BN plecos get mostly algae wafers.
  11. manning7987

    manning7987Valued MemberMember

    I feed mine algae discs but your probably right I do feed my crayfish and fiddler crabs shrimp pellets so the plecos most likely eats that too.
  12. bizaliz3

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    I would keep up with the veggies. :) Sounds like they were able to get their share of the veggie. Other than competing with each other for it. haha

    When I have multiple BNs in a tank, I always put more than one veggie at a time. Zucchini is always the veggie for choice for mine.

    I am sure they are getting some of the leftovers of the other food too. :)

    Another suggestion would be to put the pleco's food in after the lights are turned off. Then they don't have to compete with the other fish for that food.
  13. CHJ

    CHJValued MemberMember

    If you have old aquarium heater clips you can stick a chunk of zucchini in them. For things like phantoms and bristlenoses you can get a hair clip and fill it full of spinach and put it in the heater clip to see if they like it. A rhino will polish all the algae out of a tank in a hurry and then need veg, try a variety my big one also loved some varieties of pumpkin.
    Plecos like L134s prefer shrimp pellets and will ignore algae wafers. Zebras are carnivores and will ignore veg.
  14. angelcraze

    angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    @CHJ Do you have an L134? I missed out, but really wanted one!
  15. CHJ

    CHJValued MemberMember

    I have lots of them.
    Unfortunately it is murder festival season (mating season) so I just lost my 1 of unusual size (5") and just moved another to a safe tank. They heal very quickly if they survive the attack, after a week the one in the safe tank has most of its tail back, I'm hoping all the scales come back soon. The Nugget when I found it was bloody and scaleless from its pectorals back, it did not survive.
    Last year I didn't know about murder festival and left town for 2 days for a wedding only to come back to 1-2K$ in dead plecos. I have had really bad luck in getting females. I think after the deaths I have 7-8 (?) males and maybe 2 females.
    After work I have to go to the LFS and see if they will trade 50+ albino haplos young for the baby l134s they have. If they will not it shall be a painful expenditure for me. No choice, I need more females.
    I also have green phantoms, blue phantoms, some new starlights, cactus (boring ones not scarlet), rhino, and probably some I'm forgetting. The blues, greens, starlights, cactus are growing out and not of breeding size. I missed out (AKA balked at buying 10) on the 100$ zebra sale a local breeder had a few years ago, so none of those. I was going to get some adonis but my wife said I couldn't dig a 5-10,000 gallon pond in the basement floor..

    Here is a shot of the mauled one and some in caves.

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  16. angelcraze

    angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    Wow, I had no idea about murder season either. Good to know. I was planning on maybe trying my hand at breeding different plecos, I think I'll leave it to the experts lol. I missed out on them anyway, now they are 4000$ ea. I think they are on an endangered or protected list or something.
  17. CHJ

    CHJValued MemberMember

    L134 leopard Frog plecos are 4K$ a piece? US dollars?
    At the "site people do not like" they are 54$. ~100$ at better places.
    L46 zebras are ~150$ (god bless people breeding these for money and bringing the price down. Hopefully they are one day cheap enough to send back to the wild)

    I have a hard time naming a 4K$ pleco. That is getting into Super Red Arrowana money there.
    You can get into a blue eye for 600$ or less these days.
    Even phase 3 Hypostomus Luteus is 1-2K$
    Maybe this one? as no one knows what it is so it has no L# as far as I know..
    I suspect it may be L155 Acanthicus hystrix (AKA the Adonis "Dig a 5-10,000 gal pond in your basement" pleco.) if so only ~200$
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  18. StarGirl15

    StarGirl15Valued MemberMember

    The other fish eat them. My fish do that too.
  19. angelcraze

    angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry I meant 400$. They skyrocketed in price, I know that. Breeders snatched them up and away they went. I really liked them before I knew they'd be or were so scarce. Or about the breeding challenges for that matter.
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  20. CHJ

    CHJValued MemberMember

    In Canada? Interesting. A few years ago there were none available in the US but they were for sale in Canada.