I Need To Stock Three Tanks: Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Live Love Aquatic Life, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Live Love Aquatic LifeValued MemberMember

    I own three tanks that I need to stock:

    • 20 Gallon Long
    • 10 Gallon
    • 36 Gallon Bowfront

    I currently have only the 36 up and running, with three fish in it and I’d like to distribute them among the other tanks and do something more exciting with the 36 Gallon. Not a huge tank, but I’m hoping it can support a couple large fish, or even a single one if I find it a good match for me.

    Ideally I want fish that are relatively inexpensive and beginner friendly, yet something that is also personable and a decent size. I’m likely not able to order online, which limits me to mainly Gouramis at my LFS, but he gets new fish in all the time so if you have any other suggestions I might be able to find some there, and obviously there’s chain stores which are a fine last resort.

    For the other tanks I was going to move my Platy and Guppy into my 10 gallon, and my Molly into the 20 (I’m obsessed with mollies so I plan to add more there). I will be using canister filters for all of my tanks since that is the only kind of filter that my cycled media can fit into. Once I figure out all of the stocking then I’ll choose the best filter and start on my journey - I’m very excited but I need stocking advice now. :)
  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    A 20 gal long is a little small for mollies - they can get up to 5" long and they're quite messy. Why not stock with some male mollies in the 36 gal and stock the 20 gal with new ideas?

    Since you're limited on species, there'd be no use for us to spout off fish species that aren't available to you. Why don't you go to your LFS and chain stores, and write down the names of the fish you like? We can help you pick appropriate fish from that list to fill out both the 20 gal and the 36 gal :)
  3. Live Love Aquatic LifeValued MemberMember

    Thanks - I will likely visit my LFS Wednesday and get back to you once I see what they have in store. :)
  4. Live Love Aquatic LifeValued MemberMember

    I do have an additional thing I’d like to ask if it’s not a bother though; if I do go with mollies in the 36 Gallon then I’d like to know how many would be appropriate and how many GPH I should ideally have.
  5. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Ask as many questions as you want!

    I would go with around 350-400 GPH. Normally we recommend 8-10x the volume of the tank for GPH, but mollies are messy and can handle the extra flow, so I'd go a bit higher.

    If you go with just male mollies and nothing else in the tank, you could do 6-8 pretty comfortably, I think.

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