I Need To Set My Mind On One Idea.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by CatfishGuy, Apr 11, 2018.

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    I have a 20g long and as far as decorations go I have: 2 pvc pipes (1" diameter, 5" long), a small piece of driftwood, black sand, no live plants, and a small rock in the corner.

    I have an old light (idk what model) for a 10 gallon, no lid, an aqueon quietflow 20 filter, and a small airstone.

    The tank is a mess with what fish are in there.
    The fish in there are:
    2 female guppies
    1 male guppy
    1 paradise fish
    2 albino bristlenose pleco
    1 brown/black bristlenose pleco
    1 black mystery snail
    3 longfin zebra danios (one of them is a cheetah but they're pretty much the same)

    I know It's overstocked and there aren't enough danios. My friend is about to give me an old sponge filter he used in his 55 so my filtration will be able to handle the bioload a bit better. I'm really gearing towards rehoming the danios, guppies, and paradise fish and getting fish that are more like catfish (I love fish like catfish, mainly plecos!). I know the only pleco I can keep in there it's whole life would be one bristlenose and maybe some snails, but I want to see what others think about all this (sorry for rambling, I just have so many ideas running through my head it's crazy)
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    If possible Get everything rehomed and buy assorted corys. They are a great and very small catfish.
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    You kind of already answered your own question? You want to rehome all the non-bottom dwelling fish. But your tank is already way overloaded on fish with the remaining bottom dwellers.
    So you'd be best rehoming all but one bristlenose, and getting some corydoras if you like other bottom dwellers. As far as other catfish go.... Most are bottom dwellers and you're already loaded in that department. Have you looked into glass catfish?