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    I have a 40 gallon hex tank that has been up and running for about six months, and I'm ready to add a few more fish. Right now I have four neon tetras, two algae shrimp and a guppy, which I already had. I want a peaceful tank, with fish that are easy to maintain(I'm a full time student, I don't have much free time). Also plant suggestions would be appreciated!:;rudolph
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    Hi, what is the footprint of the 40 gallon hex? If I remember correctly a hex is generally taller but not as long and wide? The reason why I ask about footprint is that Cory catfish are generally a great addition to a peaceful community tank, but they need a decent bottom area. Another wonderful fish for peaceful community tank is the bristlenose pleco - be careful though not to get a common pleco because common pleco will grow too large, but a bristlenose will remain small enough. Also have you considered getting some snails?

    For plants, it depends on what kind of lights you have, how strong they are. Some aquarium lights are not strong enough for plants at all, while others are only strong enough for low light plants. If we knew more about your lights, you could get better plant recommendations.

    Btw, welcome to fishlore!

    Edit: I just noticed that you mention you have four neon tetras. Neon tetras are a schooling fish that like to be in larger groups than that, and you will probabaly see noticeable improvements in their behavior if you have a large enough group, so I would say, increasing your school of neon tetras should be part of the plan.
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    thanks for the reply, I just bought new lights for my hood, and have one aponogenten that is growing really well. the tank has a surface area of 347.5 square inches. I have been meaning to get more tetras and have been feeling guilty about not, so ill definitely get more. As for snails what kind? I had a bad snail experience in the past. It grew really big and ate a few of my fish, a traumatic experience for a five year old.
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    welcome to the forum

    I agree with joanna. A hex does not have a large footprint, so it's not as easy to stock. I would get more neons, some panda corys, a dwarf cichlid, and a school of small fish for the top half of the tank. The trend here is small... ;)
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    You could get Malaysian Trumpte Snails. They do not grow big, but they do multiply a lot, still won't eat your fish though, just leftover fish food. However, if you had a bad experience with snails before, maybe snails are not a good idea for you.

    You do have enough space for a school of cories.

    My favorite plant by far is the banana plant. The bananas are cool tubers near the roots, which do eventually fall off but the plant does well even after they do. Banana plant leaves come in two very distinct varieties: if the leaves grow under water they are very different than those leaves that reach the surface like lily pads - I now tend to snip off any that reach the surface to try to encourage the under water ones instead.
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    thanks so much for the suggestions I have a great local fish store so ill definitely be their next weekend:;snow
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    Note: do not get more than a few fish at once though, perhaps three or four. There are several reasons for this, among them: you need to give your nitrifying bacteria time to grow in numbers to be able to handle the larger bioload, also you want to watch your new fish carefully for a few weeks to look out for signs of illness, and that's easier to do if you do not have too many new fish to watch.