I need some help with my fish and also fry???

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    I have a balloon molly, dalmation molly and a Guppy all very pregnant and I need some help. This is my first time breeding the balloon molliy and the Guppy so I am not to sure if they are getting close. I just got my silver mollys fry (all 45) and put them into my 20G fry tank. I have another one cycling plus a 10Gone to be used also.

    I think my dalmation molly has squared off but it is so hard for me to tell. I have some pictures of all of them. They were in breeder nets and containers for me to get the pics I got but mainly b/c I was doing a partial water change after the silver fry were born this morning. They are all in my 30G tank.

    So basically if anyone could give me an idea what you think as to how soon and if I should move them to the birthing tank yet or not. Thanks for ANY input you can give me.

    Also I have my Fry tank set at 78. Is that a good temp for them? I have read different things on google so really wanted to get opinions from you all who know a lot!!! They seem happy in their 20G tank on their own with a filter, heater, some plastic plants, an ornament, an air stone and I also bought a sponge that goes over the intake tube on the filter so they can't get sucked into it. I just want to make sure everything is right for them to grow healthy and strong!!!

    Here are the pictures of the fishies in question!!! Thanks again in advance!!!

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    Thank you so much for the reply. I will check out the site on the fry now. Also do you think I should go ahead and move them to the birthing tank then? I don't want to move them too soon.