I need help!

  1. uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    OK guys!
    I really do not know what are wrong with my clown loaches right now. I have been changing the water and my stats are fine... But another loach passed away. Upon close inspection, he looked fairly healthy? The only thing I do know is that my thermostat went out and my temperature has been fluctuating a lot. I get a new one soon. Is this the culprit or is it something else (like fish TB), that have no symptoms that I can see? I am lost

    The last one that died his tummy was extremely fat.
    My temperature has fluctuated between 74-81 degrees F over 24 hour periods for a the past 2 days.
  2. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    When the last one died, did he float? And when your temp changes a lot, your loaches will be stressed.
  3. uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    Yes he was floating around weird first.

    I get the heater tomorrow.

    I just checked my ph and it was at 7.8 (overtime it changed)... So I just put it to 6.8. I manage ph and sometimes it takes a while to equalize.

    My TDS is 467.

    Any help? Poor guys
  4. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Did you use chemicals to change the pH back?
  5. uncclewis Well Known Member Member

  6. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Sometimes you do more good than harm when you use chemicals. I think that's what happened.
  7. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

  8. uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    5 ppm right now

    Tank is 81 now. I found a spare heater. It was 75 earlier today.

    This heater is faulty.... It's actually annoying.

    I'm guessing it's temp changing. I've never killed fish from that. Its sad. Stupid heater....

    Now it's 83. Was as low as 74-75 yesterday. New heater comes today....
  9. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    That's bad! I hope you get the heater in timr
  10. uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    Ok I got one today but my loaches aren't normal :( I hope the rest make it. Now, I have ammonia in my water because of all of the fish deaths. I lost a couple of ottos and clown loaches, a guppy. I removed them all today when I came home.

    I see 3 loaches in their cave where I can see,but I hope that they are in the caves that I can't see.

    Its only .25 but I never had any before... I see 4 now and they seem ok. Color is slightly off. But they are trying to break open the last clam lol

    I just put my new heater into the tank!

    I also bought a spare heater! lol...

    lol two of them are actually fighting over the clam. I have never seen this! LOL! Real fight.
  11. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    How is it going lol?
  12. uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    No more fish losses after my heater, except one neon. Fish are doing much better! Thank you! It was the d- heater! I have a spare now. My loaches and etc will be missed. RIP. I lost like 12 fish to it.

    All are acting normal now...except my loaches are kinda annoyed by my recent fish additions. They wanted the territory. Might move over some of my fish to the other tank.
  13. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Lol that's great to hear!