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I Need Help With Feeding The Fish

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Anol, May 22, 2019.

  1. Anol New Member Member

    I have floating plants.For the base I have a mixture of sand and aquarium plant soil, I have a few live plants 8 neon tetras and 2 corydoras in a 25 gallon (100 litres) tank, it's only a week old setup as of right now.

    My problem is when I feed my neon tetras, they only eat the food while in transit from top to bottom. Thus for the fish to eat food I have to put in a little extra, this is causing a build up of leftover food and this food develops a white fungus on top of it. And is floating around my tank now. As my plants have not rooted properly I cannot stir the water much in fear of uprooting them.

    The leftover food is not being eaten by the cories and I have tried to feed the fish one or two pellets at a time and also skipped meal times to ensure they eat all the pellets. But some pellets keep reaching the bottom where they rot and cause this problem.

    My tank is 20 inches deep and is within a wall so hand removal is kind of difficult.

    Is there a type of food that remains suspended in water? Can anyone suggest anything.

  2. HAYGEE New Member Member

    Hey there! I’m unsure of any floating food other than flakes you could feed your neon tetras, but I’ve had the same problem regarding left over food and the white fungus you are talking about! I use a “turkey baster” (I believe it’s just called a food/waste remover in the fish world when purchasing at a pet store lol) seeing as I used to have rooted plants and hated up rooting and disturbing them just for some food. This has helped me IMMENSELY and makes life in between water changes and gravel vacuuming so much easier. It really helps you pin point right to where the left over food/poop is without disturbing anything!

  3. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    Turkey basters work wonders in fish keeping lol
    Would an airstone be an option? It helps by creating a small current that keeps the food off the bottom for a little longer

  4. HAYGEE New Member Member

    They definitely are lol! I’ve never used an airstone tbh, so I’m not too sure. I would assume it would be okay, but I can’t say for sure since I’ve never had to use one :).
  5. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    Take a small amount of food and put in a scoop or cup. Put a little tank water in the scoop or cup and slowly pour the water out a little at a time. The food will sink slowly and the neon tetras will eat it. I do that for mine. Neon tetras don’t need a lot of food so don’t feed too much. Once 1 flack hits the sand in my tank I stop feeding.
  6. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    If your tetras aren't eating it and your Cory's aren't eating it, you're feeding them too much. Try feeding half as much, hungry fish will scout top to bottom for food.
  7. HAYGEE New Member Member

    ^^Those are definitely great ideas too. Another thing I forgot to mention was you said your tank is fairly new right? I believe you said a week old now? I’ve had fish in the past be super picky and took a while to adjust to new food and feedings. Definitely try feeding less and try not to worry too much if they aren’t eating as much. :). I’m sure after another week you’ll have figured out the perfect amount to feed and how to clean up left over food lol!

    Oh! I also wanted to mention that I’ve learned Cory’s do way better in groups of 6 or more- Currently I have two in a hospital tank I’ll be returning and they barely eat because they don’t feel secure enough without more friends. I started with three, and one even passed away. Maybe if you’re able to purchase 4 more they’ll be more active and willing to eat? Just a suggestion! I’m also new so it’s a lot of trial and error for sure!
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  8. RSababady Well Known Member Member

    I got round the problem by feeding two different types of food at the same time - one for the top and mid tank feeders and one for the bottom feeders like cories.

    I guess the trick here is to start off with a very small mix and gradually increase it to see how much food the fish really eat within a minute or two.
  9. HAYGEE New Member Member

    I had to do this too with my betta and amano shrimp lol! Had to distract the betta with him own food lol
  10. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

  11. Anol New Member Member

    I have cycled the tank, no worries there. I figured out the problem. The filter was on and so the food pellets which were supposed to sink slowly got caught in the current created by the filter and sinked way too quickly.

    I need one last help what species is this fish?
  12. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

  13. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Already answered in another thread : C.aeneus
  14. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    Cool I was finally right lol