i need help! im new and kinda did rookie mistakes.

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#1 yes, I did not cycle my water because I didnt know what that is... now I'm doing in-fish cycling (but, I bought way too many fish 7 guppies (1 was weak when I bought it.. I ddnt know) and 5 neon tetras. 1 died I slept and he got stuck in the ornament)

#2 one of my guppy's tail is turning black on the end. and there's one really really small red thing on his tail that has been coming back and disappearing. (but he used to be white now hes turning kinda yellowish.. and now I know its one of those fancy guppy)

#3 any tips for in-cycling with my amount of fish.

they seem to swim a lot and eat their poop on the ground or something and 2 of my male guppies eat A LOT. and when I put my red tailed guppies....... they chomp on their tails -_- so I had to separate them.

I need tips! TY!!

and please teach me how to put pics so I can show what the prob is.
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What size tank?

Do you have a test kit? We need to know your readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

When did you start the tank?

Fish don't eat poop.

You need to do 50% water changes, most likely daily, until your tank is in good shape.
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its a 10 gallon tank. and what's an average testing kit for beginners that I can buy? and I change my water every other day. like 60 to 50% but when I see a lot of dirt I go to 80%

and I also have a media with a premium carbon ammonia neutralizing blend. and there's green things in it idk if I should clean my media or not. I've had it for 2 weeks surprisingly only one died cuz of suffocation.

and yes my 2 fat male guppies eat them poopies.
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The API test kit is the best and not for a whole lot of money either. It's about 25 on amazon or something like that. It is way more accurate than any test strip and will last you at least a year (if not more). Only RINSE your media when it's dirty. You should not run it under the tap in your sink because the bacteria will be killed from the chlorine. Use the tank water that you have just vacuumed out to rinse the media.

If you fill in your tank info in your profile it will make it very easy for everyone to help you with this problem and with further problems down the road.

Do you have a heater in your tank?
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No heater in my tank yet cuz texas is now really hot" so the water is always on 80F. and so those kinda dirty things in my media is important.

another thing is my pregnant guppy seems to be hiding more.
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You mentioned that your fish eat a lot... How much are you feeding? Food can ruin tank levels quicker than almost anything else... Guppies are little piggys and they will eat until their stomachs literally rupture... I have seen it in them and it leads to very slow deaths... What is your female to male ratio in your tank and could you please fill out your Information ? Tank sizes and what not it will help people help you!!
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If your tank is that dirty, rinse your filter media out in used tank water, not tap water.

Get the API master kit.

If I were you, I'd stop feeding entirely for a few days. Don't worry, your fish can live for over a week with no food.

Again, fish do not eat poop. If you believe that's what they're doing, they are most likely scavenging leftover food from the substrate.
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I have 5 males 2 females... its supposed to be all males.. but the saleslady says it was all males..... I'm kinda new to the fish world... aiight I won't feed them (is 2 days ok?) and I only feed them at 7am and then 7pm.

I tried to put the profile thingy and its still not showing lol

and my pregnant guppy is still hiding. idk why

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Your females may be hiding because the male to female ratio... The males will constantly try to mate with the females and this can stress them out very badly... They are worse than bunnies put it that way... haha
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ah no wonder she keeps hiding. and I hve one sometimes" bully guppy........ idk what to do with him
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Rehome him

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