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    TaylorR Valued Member Member

    Ok so iv'e had tanks for about 5 years and i recently bought a new one with 9 New Fish And 1 of the 9 seemed very healthy and now all of a sudden it Gets stuck to the filter lays down at the bottom or uner the bubbler and RIGHT next to the plants and i am having a Horrible feeling of me going to bed at it dieing

    Fish Description

    Balloon Belly Molly
    Average size

    If i need to provide more information i will but is their any idea of why she always gets stuck to the filter and lays down Right next to or in the plants? Any Help is Greatly Appreciated

    QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

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    TaylorR Valued Member Member

    I don't know BUt ill get it tested because all the other fish are healthy

    NOw its happening to 2 of them