I need fry help!

  1. FishFan Member Member

    OMGosh-I went to feed tonight and noticed I had BABIES (guppies)!!! :eek: I was only able to rescue 9 of them, but I moved them to a breeder box (which I hate-it never seems to be real stable & I'm afraid it'll sink), so I put the box in a smaller bowl...the plastic kind with a lid. Now-help me! I crushed up some flake food and also added a few brine shrimp. I also have a lamp on them-not really a heater lamp, but it gets warm, that I am shining on the bowl to try to help keep it warm for them. I've raised the fuzzy & skin types of babies, but never finned-babies! LOL ANY tips would be SO appreciated!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Also-the mom now looks 'bent' or crooked...is this normal?
  2. Jason Well Known Member Member

    The mum is probably just wasted from the effort. She'll eventually come around just make sure she is still eating and not stressed out by other fish. My female sword was stuffed after giving birth and is only now recovering fully.
  3. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    The babies will do well with crushed flakes. Try to make sure mom has some greens to eat. Maybe veggie flakes or a veggie wafer to nibble on. Maybe put her in the holder so she can get some rest ;)
    We have three batches of guppy fry and a batch of angel fry and let me tell you they are all gluttons :D just some thoughts.
  4. FishFan Member Member

    I actually left the mom in the smaller tank (in the breeder tank) so she had a few more and seemed good this morning, so I returned her to the community tank with the others. I fed them all and she ate really good. She seems to be 'hiding' a lot, so she is resting. I also went today and got a tank divider and just blocked off a small section so the fry could be in the big tank and then I don't have to mess with a seperate tank. It's working really well and they even ate today (crushed flake food)!!! Also-the final count is 11 or 12. Last night, I would recheck the tank every 20-30 minutes and there would be another baby or 2, so I decided then to scoop out momma. She had a few more, but I know when I was trying to 'rescue' some of them, they got away & was a snack for the other fish. Oh well, I thought she looked a big puffy the day before, but never expected babies!!! I've had my tank for quite awhile now-and I think I've had babies before, but they had to coverage, so they became snacks beofre I even knew it! Well, glad I'm learning!!! Thanks Butterfly & J-Man :) I feel SO much better now that they are in the warm tank with the filtration, etc.
    Cheers to Fry! :D LOL
  5. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Glad all are doing well. We had to start sexing our first batch last night, it was hilarious. Supposedly at 30 days they can be sexed and soon after breed. They are still small and I don't see as well as I would like to so it was a real party trying to tell Males from females. hahaha
  6. Jason Well Known Member Member

    LOL :D
  7. FishFan Member Member

    Breeding at 30 days old? Oh S**T Cool! LOL!!!