I Need A Temp Plastic Tank For A Week

  1. ap4lmtree

    ap4lmtree Well Known Member Member

    I have 15 kuhli loaches and 19 harlequin rasboras that I need to hold in a plastic tank for about 5-7 days while I order a stand and get a 40 gallon tank i plan to do. Otherwise, i could get a 20 glass long and hold them temporary, but I was thinking about using a large rubbermaid container or could i keep them in a 5 gallon bucket with an airstone or do you really think i should get a glass 20 gallon long?

    In addition, i dont think i will worry about feeding them during the time i am preparing for their new tank setup

    EDIT: I have two of these that are about 4-5 gallons that i will use i think.


  2. BringKermitBack

    BringKermitBack Well Known Member Member

    Don't get a glass 20 long, it only encourages multiple tank syndrome. Just use a 10-20 gallon storage container. Rubbermaid. Pretty easy to find.

    I don't think those tubs are big enough to temporarily house schools.